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Things We Saw Today: Cookie Monster Flees Gingerbread Zombies in This Walking Dead Parody

In Sesame Street's parody of The Walking Dead, "The Walking Gingerbread," zombie cookies called "crumbies" come after Cookie Monster and devour all his cookies. Truly evil!

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Spoiler Alert: Breaking Bad Fans Bought Out Space in An Albuquerque Newspaper For Something Special

Somebody's not having an A1 day.

If you're trying to stay completely pure of any season finale knowledge, then massive spoilers for the final Breaking Bad episode,"Felina," abound here. But if you up to speed, and you're like the small group of fans who spent actual money to make this clever joke in a local New Mexico newspaper, then you're for sure going to enjoy what's after the jump.

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NY Times, ProPublica Join Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, Dragged Into 21st Century

It's no surprise that newspapers and other outlets of old-school journalism have struggled in the digital space. However, a collaboration between the Mozilla and the Knight Foundation called OpenNews has aimed to remedy that, by bringing developers and journalists together. Perhaps most importantly, it aims to bring the fruit of this work to the world. Now, the New York Times and other major news operations have joined the project, hoping to make their content even more relevant in the digital space.

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Google Halts its Newspaper Digitalization Project

After scanning and indexing over 3.5 million issues from over 2,000 newspapers, Google has decided to halt its news digitalization project. The search giant announced the halt in an email  sent out to newspapers involved in the project, saying that they would be focusing instead on their Google One Pass subscription service. Though Google is no longer accepting microfilm or issues for scanning, they have announced their intention to keep the archives free and available online at They will also be waiving the planned fee newspapers would have paid to receive copies of the digital archives for hosting on their own sites. For many newspapers, though, Google did not complete the process leaving the digital archives incomplete.

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iPad is Not the Savior of Big Media …Yet?

Initial reporting reveals that all those nice, expensive Apps that media companies made in order to get people to pay to read the newspaper on an iPad are less popular than simply pulling up Safari and browsing the free website. According to, "big media and entertainment companies are doing very well in top free apps, but are barely present in top paid apps, whether by number of apps downloaded, or by the gross revenues from their apps."

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