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The Senate Just Voted to Save Net Neutrality, but the House Is Probably Going to Screw It Up

The story around "net neutrality" has probably already given you more than your fair share of whiplash at this point. It's alive! It's dead. But not yet! But more than likely soon. But not there's one more step! After which it will probably be dead. But—! You get the point. Well, get ready for another round.

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GOP Already Pushing for Paid Data Prioritization as Net Neutrality Rules Are Set to Expire

"Paid prioritization" is kind of a telling phrase for how this is all going down, tbh.

When the FCC decided that it would roll back the "net neutrality" rules enacted under the Obama administration—rules aimed at preventing paid data prioritization and the blocking or throttling of data from specific sites and services—that wasn't necessarily the end of the fight. Congress could still write laws that could protect the openness of the internet, but we're not too surprised to see that the Republican-controlled legislature's ideas for doing that include undermining the entire princip

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We Need One More Vote to Advance Net Neutrality in the Senate

We only need one more senator to support net neutrality.

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Even Burger King Is Pretty Much Begging People to Care About Net Neutrality

And they're doing a surprisingly good job.

Burger King "employees" change the prices on their "actual guests," forcing them to wait exceptionally long times for their Whoppers unless they order the faster, more expensive Whopper plan. Or they always have the option to order chicken.

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Senate Democrats Will Force A Vote to Protect Net Neutrality, So It’s Time to Call Your Reps

Senate Democrats now have the 30 cosponsors they need to force a Senate floor vote on a bill to preserve net neutrality.

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Mark Hamill Reminds FCC Chairman Ajit Pai That He’s No Jedi, No Matter How Many Cringey Videos He Makes

You're a Sith Lord

Mark Hamill reminded Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai him that corporate shills who sell out the American people to benefit Verizon aren't Jedi.

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Things We Saw Today: Praise Be Whoever’s Putting Our Rejection Hotline Number on Bathroom Walls

It's been a while since we talked about the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline, so it's extra exciting to see it popping up in the wild. And by wild, we mean public restrooms.

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Here’s How We Can Still Save Net Neutrality, Even Though the FCC Voted to Kill It

Today, the FCC did exactly what a large portion of the public, as well as U.S. lawmakers, have been asking them not to do: They repealed the agency's own 2015 Open Internet Order that put broadband internet under utility-style regulation and prevented internet service providers from prioritizing different content or blocking access. That's bad, but it's only one step that doesn't mean all is lost. It just means that the fight moves elsewhere.

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“Ron Swanson” Has a Lesson About Net Neutrality Dishonesty for Fan/FCC Chair Ajit Pai

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has been extremely disingenuous in his arguments for removing the "common carrier" classification from broadband internet providers. He's also a big fan of Parks and Rec's ultra libertarian Ron Swanson—who one might imagine to be a fan of deregulation—to the point of hanging the character's "Pyramid of Greatness" outside his office. He seems to have missed, however, Swanson's penchant for honesty.

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Things We Saw Today: The Entire Front Page of Reddit Showcases Which Senators Sold Us Out Over Net Neutrality

And the ones who didn't.

It's striking to see the names and faces of the Congresspeople who might destroy net neutrality like this, alongside the telecom $$$ they happily pocketed.

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It’s Giving Tuesday! Some Suggestions for Putting Your Money Where Your Values Are.

Today is Giving Tuesday, the day after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Sunday and Monday where we forget about being capitalist consumers for five minutes and remember that there are amazing causes that need our help. Here at TMS, there are many issues about which we're passionate, and we love supporting the organizations entirely devoted to helping those causes and communities.

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On December 7, Protesters Will Gather Outside Verizon Stores to Remind Us Who Really Benefits from Ending Net Neutrality

(Hint: It's Not Consumers)

The Trump-appointed chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, recently revealed his plan to end net neutrality in the United States. And so, on December 7, activists are organizing protests against this dangerous decision at Verizon stores across the country.

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The FCC Plans to Gut Net Neutrality, And They’re Hoping You Won’t Notice

We see you.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is reportedly planning to overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order, and they're reportedly hiding their plan to do so by releasing it the day before Thanksgiving.

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You Have Until August 30 to Tell the FCC You Support Net Neutrality

The Chair of the FCC wants to gut net neutrality rules, but you have until August 30 to let him know that's a terrible idea.

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Members of Congress Let the FCC Hear It Over Terrible Net Neutrality Plan

The FCC, under Trump-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai, has been looking to roll back protections on net neutrality intended to make internet service providers treat all services fairly and equally. They've done that with a lot of disingenuous talk about regulations that are simpler for customers to understand and making everyone play by the same rules, and now some U.S. Senators and Representatives have sent the FCC a letter explaining that they're not buying it.

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The FCC Can’t Even Fight Net Neutrality Without Getting Sued Over Transparency Laws

Truly instilling us with confidence.

The FCC, led by Trump appointee Ajit Pai, is still on its crusade to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules in the name of doing what's best for the internet, but the FCC's information policies haven't been nearly as transparent as their lies. They're now being sued for breaking the Freedom of Information Act with respect to records about net neutrality, which is certainly a reassuring respect for accountability from an agency that now thinks looser regulations are the answer.

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The Internet Is Going to Look a Bit Different Tomorrow Because of Net Neutrality

Among the many horrible things worth worrying about in politics right now, including the potential ruination of health care, the FCC is still moving towards reversing President Obama-era rules on net neutrality. Whether for altruistic reasons or out of self interest—or likely both—many entities across the web will be making a show of their support for actual net neutrality, rather than what the current FCC is peddling.

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John Oliver Goes Through Weird Comments on Last Week Tonight Net Neutrality Update

In a web-exclusive Last Week Tonight update, Oliver goes through the flood of comments on the FCC website which reached 1,612,752 filings. As was expected, comments ranged from those in passionate support and fierce opposition to net neutrality, to pleas to not add lag to their streaming porn from a user who called themselves the "International Space Station (iss)."

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Do Your Thing, Internet Trolls: It’s Time to Defend Net Neutrality Again, Because Time Is a Flat Circle

It's 2014 again! QUICK, warn everyone about the 2016 election!

A few years back, John Oliver called on the Internet to do what it does best: comment endlessly on something to a point of unimaginable over-saturation. Whether that worked or the FCC would've done the right thing without Oliver's help, broadband Internet providers were reclassified as "Title II" common carriers, but that reclassification is back under attack now that the FCC is under the control of someone who believes giant corporations have the people's best interests at heart.

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FCC Wants Your Comments on Their Plan to Kill Net Neutrality. You Know What to Do.

We all remember how this played out last time, yeah?

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