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Things We Saw Today: Praise Be Whoever’s Putting Our Rejection Hotline Number on Bathroom Walls

It’s been a while since we talked about the Mary Sue Rejection Hotline, so it’s extra exciting to see it popping up in the wild. And by wild, we mean public restrooms. Thanks to whoever wrote this on a bathroom wall, and not-especially-sorry to the dude who found it and tried to get in touch.

Via the TMS Rejection Hotline

As a reminder, here’s the auto-reply message that’s sent out when that number is called or texted:

  • Wondering how you can support black women in the wake of Doug Jones’ election? Here are more than a hundred you can vote for or donate to in 2018. (AwesomelyLuvvie)
  • Hey, while we’re listing politicians, here are the members of Congress who supported the repeal of net neutrality, plus how much money they’ve accepted from the telecom industry. Get calling, people! (Motherboard)
  • The official poster for Ocean’s 8 is up! Summer 2018 feels cruelly far away. (Also, the original caption for this tweet was “Meet the new guys,” and that has been mysteriously removed. Scandal!)

  • There’s a lot to be concerned about around giant conglomerate mergers like this Disney/Fox buyout, but also, clearly, a lot to celebrate. Namely:

What did you all see out there, princesses-turned-generals?

(image: Shuttestock)

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