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Bryan Fuller Talks American Dogs—Er, Gods; Wants to “Get Back in Bed” With the Hannibal Cast


During an interview with Uproxx, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller talked about saying goodbye to the series after its untimely cancellation earlier this year.

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Bryan Fuller Says American Gods Series Will Be Like the Marvel Universe…But With Gods

No offense, Tony.

In an interview earlier this week with Crave, American Gods producer Bryan Fuller explained that the highly-anticipated Starz series will aim for the kind of intricacy seen within the MCU.

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Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories Are Coming to Television

Gaiman's words are going to be front-and-center in an adaptation of his short stories entitled Likely Stories. The minds behind this adaptation have said that it will be a four-part series, and will star an ensemble cast across each of the four episodes.

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Johnny Depp May Star in Edgar Wright Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately, the Milk

Sure, Neil Gaiman has written quality fantasy fiction (Anansi Boys) and comics (Sandman), but he's at his very best when writing for a young audience. Gaiman is at the height of his powers when writing for children, as evidenced in Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and more recently, Fortunately, the Milk. Now, director Edgar Wright and Johnny Depp are in talks to help bring the sillyfunnyweird adventure to the big screen!

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Watch Patrick Stewart, Cate Blanchett, And More In U.N. Video “Refugee Or Migrant? #WordsMatter”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), uploaded a video titled "Refugee or Migrant? #WordsMatter Say Our High Profile Supporters" to explain the difference between these two terms and their implications.

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Lucifer and Minority Report TV Adaptation Pilots “Leak” Online

*Biggest skeptical glare.*

In grand Internet tradition, you can now watch the pilots of LuciferMinority Report, and Blindspot ahead of their TV premieres this fall. We're sure the networks are soooo upset about it, too.

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A Very Cranky Dr. Strange Round-Up: Tilda Swinton’s In; Rachel McAdams Rumored


I have a bad case of Cumberbatch Fatigue. It's due in part to his inexplicable omnipresence in all my favorite genre fiction, but mostly to his unimpressive turn as a white-washed Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'm not here to squeal with fannish excitement about his upcoming starring role in Dr. Strange. I'm here to grumpy-cat my way through the news about his equally clueless cast-mates.

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Things We Saw Today: Southern Bastards #10 Variant Cover Destroys the Confederate Flag

"Death to the Flag, Long Live the South."

The cover also reads, "Death to the Flag, Long Live the South."

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Neil Gaiman’s American Gods Gets Full Series Order at Starz

Now... who should be cast to play Shadow...?

The search for a Shadow is on! After a long wait that involved bouncing around at HBO, the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman's award-winning novel, American Gods, has just received a straight-to-series order from Starz!

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Introducing Doctor Who‘s Newest Female Writer, Sarah Dollard!

Doctor Who has TWO WHOLE WOMEN writing for them this season!

Well, it only took several statements from showrunner Steven Moffat saying that women don't want the job, or talking about his "folder of women," Neil Gaiman calling the show out, and the long-overdue hiring of Catherine Tregenna to start a veritable trend of hiring women to write on Doctor Who! This time, it's Sarah Dollard! Check out her understandable giddiness in writing for the franchise in the video interview above!

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Neil Gaiman Responds to One Million Moms’ “Cancel Lucifer” Petition

One Million Moms is at it again, petitioning Fox to drop their plans to produce Lucifer, a show based on the character from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

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Bryan Fuller Reassures Fans That His American Gods Adaptation Will Be Appropriately Diverse

"We have to be moving forward with a representation that is accurate to the world."

Neil Gaiman's novel, American Gods, is chock full of gods from all over the world representing myriad cultures. Given Hollywood's history of whitewashing, it's understandable that some fans of the book are concerned that the upcoming Bryan Fuller television adaptation for Starz might suffer the same fate, but worry not. It seems that, for Fuller, diverse casting is a huge priority.

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Nicole Kidman Joins Film Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s How to Talk to Girls at Parties

"I am not finished. There is yet more of me."

Those of us who are fans of Neil Gaiman's work—and I know there are a lot of us 'round here—know how awesome his short story collection, Fragile Things, is. One story in particular, How to Talk to Girls at Parties, resonated with me the most. Well, that story is being adapted into a film—a "musically charged" one, no less—directed by John Cameron Mitchell, and starring Elle Fanning. What's more, it was just announced that Nicole Kidman will be joining the cast.

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Things We Saw Today: Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Ming-Na Wen

Artist Justine (@laurapetries on Twitter) drew this adorable interpretation of Hayley Atwell and Ming-Na Wen at C2E2, and The Cavalry herself took notice. We did, too.

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Get Your Terry Pratchett Fix By Listening to the BBC Radio 4 Adaptation of Good Omens

Since the sad passing of Terry Pratchett, we've all been looking for ways to revisit his work and remember the awesomeness of the worlds he created. Well, BBC Radio 4 is making that mission a lot easier with their radio adaptation of Good Omens, starring Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced) and Mark Heap (Spaced).

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Neil Gaiman Reveals How He Horrified His Daughter In Reading Rainbow Interview

Are you kidding me, Gaiman? You gave her THAT book?

The amazing thing about Neil Gaiman is that his work transcends generations. Between his novels for adults and his children's books, there is something Gaiman for people of all ages. So, what better person to be an advocate for a new generation of young readers being introduced to the wonderful world of books through the new, digital Reading Rainbow?

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Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Are Expecting a Baby!

Adam Young Palmer-Gaiman has a nice ring to it...

The Mary Sue wants to extend HUGE congratulations to Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman on the impending arrival of their new baby!

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Allow Neil Gaiman to Serenade You With the Honeyed Tones of His Song, “I Google You”

*immediately goes to google someone*

If you've never heard author Neil Gaiman speak, I highly recommend doing so should you get the chance. He's a wonderful orator, but as it turns out, that pleasantness translates to his singing voice as well (even if he doesn't think so). Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performed a special one-night show in Florida on Valentine's Day during which they performed his "I Google You," a different kind of sorrowful love song for the digital age.

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Fox Picks Up DC Comics’ Lucifer For Pilot While NBC Continues to Waffle on Constantine

Yup, another DC Comics property is getting the pilot treatment.

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Writers, It’s OK to Have Doubts: Neil Gaiman Discusses His Doctor Who Episodes & Season 9 Possibilities

Yes, even the supremely talented Neil Gaiman thinks he could have done better. There's hope for us all!

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