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‘Good Omens’ Season 3’s Story Will Be Told, One Way or Another

Everyone who has watched Good Omens season two is undoubtedly clamoring for a renewal because the story simply cannot end there. Absolutely not. I have a sneaking suspicion that Good Omens author, creator, writer, and producer Neil Gaiman knew we would all feel that way, because before Good Omens season two premiered, he reminded us all how important it was to watch, rewatch, and then tell everyone we know to watch the show so that it had a better chance of being renewed.

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But what if it doesn’t get renewed? Hollywood is currently locked in a stalemate, and nothing is certain. Gaiman has always spoken highly of the Good Omens sequel that he and Sir Terry Pratchett plotted out together, a story which he has promised will be told in Good Omens season three should the series receive another renewal. But that renewal might not come.

Thankfully, though, Gaiman has thrown fans another lifeline.

One fan asked Gaiman the ultimate question on Tumblr: what if the show doesn’t get renewed? Will we still get to know how it ends, perhaps in the form of a script book? And his answer is succinct but incredibly, wonderfully promising.

Good Omens season two has been a gift. An emotionally devastating gift, but a gift nonetheless. The adventures of Crowley (David Tennant) and Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) have already progressed further than they ever did in the source material. And while we all want to see these two ultimate star-crossed lovers get their deserved and hopefully happy ending on screen, a novelization would certainly soften the blow. I’d prefer both, and I would devour both, but the most important thing is that we get to know how their story ends.

So many shows get canceled before their stories have been fully told, and not every single series has an author at the helm who can then promise to deliver the final chapter anyway. The Good Omens fandom is incredibly lucky to have Neil Gaiman on their side, and whether Good Omens ends in script book form (also a genuinely good idea), on TV, or as a novel, at least we can rest assured that someday, we’ll know what happens to our beloved Aziraphale and Crowley.

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