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Live-Action Naruto Remake Is Coming But Don’t Worry, Series Creator Masashi Kishimoto Will Be Involved

In line with the many live-action reboots popping up today, it looks like the popular animated series is getting in on the action.

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The Search For Sex-Positive Hentai

Harder than you might think.

According to Porn MD, “hentai” is the fourth most searched porn term in the world - in other words, approximately everybody alive has seen anime characters grinding. That also means that I can say with a pretty decent amount of certainty that you, dear readers, have seen some. It’s alright, friends; you’re safe here.

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10 of the Most Hardcore, Eyepatch Wearing Characters in Geekdom

Power Grid

Eyepatches have a long history of showing up on all sorts of characters, and most of the time they just make said character look even more badass. Sometimes we meet the character and they already have the eyepatch, and sometimes we are unbelievably horrified when a character who we’ve grown to love over the course of seven however many seasons loses an eye. As it turns out, there are a lot of characters in geekdom with eyepatches, many of whom are just cool, if not cooler, without their depth perception. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find a single pirate contender for our list, but we certainly encountered enough examples of the eyepatch of power to make up for it. Lets hear it for the runners up on this list: Doctor Who’s Madam Kovarian, King Lear’s Gloucester, and all the other characters who lost both eyes, and didn’t make our list. (Be warned, there are spoilers ahead. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and Venture Bros. fans, navigate with care.) Now feast your eyes on our list of amazing, eyepatch clad characters.

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Weekly Shonen Jump Theme Park Coming to Japan, Otakus Squeal with Delight

Put down those mangas and listen up, anime fans sadly living on the western side of the world! Namco Bandai Group has recently announced that Japan will be playing host to a Weekly Shonen Jump indoor theme park in the summer of 2013 -- a veritable Xanadu for the avid otaku, featuring attractions and costumed mascots based on the manga anthology's most popular franchises: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. Buying a one-way plane ticket to Japan may mean cutting back on your ramen and exorbitantly overpriced anime collectibles budget, but getting the chance to embrace an apathetic minimum wage park employee dressed as Monkey D. Luffy will be worth the trip!

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Polish Naruto Fan Becomes Winning First in “Japanese Chess” Competition


Okay, so when we say "Japanese chess," we mean shogi, but "Japanese chess" is the most succinct way to explain the two thousand year old strategy game based on a gridded board filled with pieces representing kings, generals, chariots, and soldiers. Naruto, the series of manga, anime, and movies, features characters playing shogi not-infrequently, being set in a fantasy version of Japan. It's no wonder that someone might become interested in the game after watching the series. After all, it's a real game with real rules, not like some we could name. In fact, 20-year-old Karolina Styczynska's road to shogi championship began with Naruto, and this weekend she achieved something of a global milestone.

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Man Goes to Con, Makes Awesome Professional Fight Video With Random Strangers


Yung Lee went to Anime North, gave a bunch of random, confused, bemused cosplayers a few choreography tips, and then edited the video into awesomeness. See below for the making of, and to show that yeah, he filmed all of this stuff on the spot, with cosplayers he'd never met before.

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