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Mouse Hunt With Rifle Ends With Man Shooting Himself in Foot

I mean, who could've seen this ending poorly?

An Italian man learned the hard way never to bring a gun to a mouse fight. Spooked by the sight of the offending rodent, the 43-year-old from the city of Treviso went immediately to the big guns, grabbing his father's rifle and firing on the mouse. Rather than killing the rodent, though, the inexperienced rifleman instead shot himself in the foot.

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Light Light’s New Music Video Crowdsources Your Mouse Pointer, Rocks Pretty Hard

Computer mice and their pointers may not be long for this world. As touchscreen devices become more prevalent, fewer and fewer people may find themselves pointing and clicking. The band Light Light wants to make sure the mouse and pointer at least get a proper send off, so they've made the video for their song "Kilo" interactive and crowdsourced. The song and the video are pretty catchy.

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This Mouse Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Exercise Wheels [Video]

Initially, it appears that this mouse doesn't really get exercise wheels. On further review, though, it might just be that the little guy is thinking outside the box and trying to offer a new take on what the exercise wheel can be. You're doing it wrong, little buddy, but you're doing it wrong with a lot of heart, and sometimes, I like to think that's what really matters.

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Dreams Dashed: Radiation From Space Travel May Cause Brain Damage

If you're anything like me, you still haven't given up on that dream of being an astronaut one day, breaking the surly bonds of Earth and experiencing the wonder and vastness of space firsthand. That's why I bring you the following story with a heavy heart -- according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center, the list of dangers involved in space travel just got a little longer, with "alien attacks," "insane computer AIs," and "being sucked out of an airlock" joined by a new hazard to space flight -- an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.

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This Mouse “Feels Just As Good In Your Hand As It Does On Your Body,” If You’re Into That

Chocolate and peanut butter. Pizza and beer. Sriracha and anything. The list of great tastes that taste great together just got a little bit longer with the introduction of the Massager Mouse. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like -- a computer mouse that also functions as a personal massager. The mouse, which is currently showing at EroFame, Europe's premier trade show for adult toys -- and we're not talking tablet computers -- can help you click your way around a database, then switch gears at the press of a button to massage the stress out of sore muscles in your neck, shoulders and, uh, other parts.

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Foot Pedal Mouse Keeps Your Hands Free For Typing

Sometimes traditional input devices just don't cut it. I've never been big on the touchpad mouse, but sometimes using a traditional mouse can be annoying when you can't spare that whole hand because you need it on the keyboard. For typing, you guys. Particularly, activities like peddling between tabs in Chrome can be obnoxious while typing. Especially if you have a dozen open. The same goes for highlighting text. It's a small annoyance to grab the mouse and then go back to the keyboard, but it's a very common one. That's where the foot pedal mouse comes in. It can solve all those problems for you, that is, if it's at all usable.

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New Device Can Turn the Back of Your Hand Into a Touch Pad

A new device developed by Kei Nakatsuma at University of Tokyo Department of Information Physics and Computing lets you use the back of your hand as a touch pad. Encased in the form of a wrist-watch, the device uses infrared sensors to track the movement of your finger across the back of your hand and translate it into the same sort of signals a mouse or a laptop touch pad provides.

This may seem sort of trivial, but there are some interesting uses this functionality could provide. First of all, since you can feel the back of your hand and feel with the back of your hand, you've got built-in haptic feedback. Secondly, in this increasingly digital world, it could be very useful if everyone had their own interface by which to interact with all the digital things in their lives. No more losing the remote or touching a filthy public number pad, you just use the back of your hand.

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Chameleon X-1: Mouse That Turns Into Gaming Controller

The folks over at Shogun Bros. have developed the Chameleon X-1, the hybrid mouse that looks like a fairly standard wireless mouse from above, but hides an actual gaming controller underneath. The mouse isn't available yet, with the Shogun Bros. identifying the release window as "soon," also disclosing the price to be around $55; about the price for a worthwhile console gaming controller or a standard gaming mouse.

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