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States With the Worst Anti-LGBTQIA Laws Watch the Most Black Gay Porn

There's a great bit in Margaret Cho's Assassin where she says, "If you're against same sex marriage but you laugh your ass off to Will & Grace, F#@K YOU. You are a hypocrite, and you're not allowed to pick and choose what you like from our culture, and leave behind the burden of inequality." Likewise, gay porn?

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Mississippi Governor Just Named April “Confederate Heritage Month”

Mississippi has now joined the "elite pantheon" of states that celebrate April as Confederate Heritage Month.

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Spielberg’s Lincoln Indirectly Leads to Mississippi Finally Ratifying 13th Amendment

After the 13th Amendment to ban slavery passed Congress in 1864, it went to the states for ratification. It got the required three fourths approval in 1865 when Georgia ratified it, but not every state got on board with the amendment. Deleware, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Mississippi all rejected it. After seeing the film Lincoln, a professor at the University of Missippi was inspired to make sure his state did the right thing and ratified the amendment, which it finally did this month.

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