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Dawson’s Creek at 20: The Cast Reunites and Has No Right to Still Be as Attractive as They Are

Especially Grams and her lustrous locks.

I became a hardcore fan of singer/songwriter Paula Cole back in the 1990s when I first listened to her hit album, This Fire. I sang along to every song, and was obsessed with trying to get to Lilith Fair to see her play live (never did). Yet every time I hear her lilting vocals on her single "I Don't Wanna Wait," I don't think of that album, or Lilith Fair. I think of Dawson's Creek.

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Is Anyone Even Surprised Anymore to Hear That an Actress Makes “Significantly Less” Than Her Male Co-Star?

When employees are told not to talk about pay, it's not like we don't all know who that benefits.

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Things We Saw Today: Mark Wahlberg Pledges $1.5 Million to the #TimesUp Legal Fund in Michelle Williams’ Name

After it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg was paid 1500 times more than Michelle Williams for the reshoots of All the Money in the World, he donated the $1.5 million he made to the Time's Up legal defense fund.

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Mark Wahlberg Made 1500x More Than Michelle Williams on All the Money in the World Reshoots

While Williams took less than $1,000 in support of the reshoots that replaced Kevin Spacey, Wahlberg negotiated for a higher rate 1,500 times more.

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Michelle Williams & Ridley Scott Do Not Mince Words Over Kevin Spacey: “You Can’t Get Away With This Anymore”

Ridley Scott is adamant that his decision was a moral one, not one based on money or optics. He told EW, "I sat and thought about it and realized, we cannot. You can’t tolerate any kind of behavior like that. And it will affect the film. We cannot let one person’s action affect the good work of all these other people. It’s that simple."

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Things We Saw Today: Uh Oh, Some Bad News About Santa Claus

I've got some good news/bad news about Santa Claus. The good news: he's real! The bad news: he's dead. Sorry, everybody.

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Things We Saw Today: A Fake “Antifa” Twitter Account Forgot to Disable Its Russian Geotag

Russia's Internet propaganda war on the U.S. is continuing apace.

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Watch The First Trailer For Oz: The Great And Powerful

All this has happened before...

A lot of new footage is being premiered at Comic-Con this weekend in San Diego. Some of it will be delivered to the masses post-con, some won't, and plenty will even though it's not supposed to. But what we have here is the first look from Disney at director Sam Raimi's dive into the world of L. Frank Baum, Oz: The Great and Powerful. The film stars James Franco as Oz himself, Mila Kunis as Theodora, Rachel Weisz as Evanora, and Michelle Williams as Glinda. You won't see the Scarecrow, Tin Man, or Cowardly Lion in this film apparently but you will see Raimi's pal Bruce Campbell (just not in this trailer) and the 1973 Oldsmobile. Oh and, don't adjust your monitors. (via Blastr)

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Scarlett Johansson To Play Janet Leigh In Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho

Bloody Good Fun

Scarlet Johansson is spending her summer kicking butt with The Avengers but pretty soon she'll be practicing how to get murdered. The actress has been cast as Janet Leigh in the film, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho

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A Hanukkah Miracle: Bruce Campbell Is Back in Oz: The Great and Powerful!

And All Was Right With the World

If you were disappointed last month to hear that dashing man-about-town/cult favorite Bruce Campbell was cut from Sam Raimi's upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful, we have some very excellent news to share with you! Apparently, the scene that was cut is back in, and now we will see yet another "pivotal" Campbell cameo in a Sam Raimi movie. It's better than Christmas, because Hanukkah is already here! A Hanukkah miracle, indeed!

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