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Sad Man Makes Sad App to Stop All Those Evil Women Trying to Trick Him With Makeup

Oh no, the men have outsmarted our mascara. Whatever will we do now?

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Things We Saw Today: Ryan Murphy’s Pose Makes TV History With Five Transgender Actors

For his upcoming anthology series Pose, set in 1980s New York, Murphy has cast five transgender actors: MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, Hailie Sahar, and Angelica Ross. All will be series regulars, setting a record for scripted television.

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Things We Saw Today: Good Art Dog Contemplates Paintings and Life

Art dog Ella Fitzgerald has an appreciation for art criticism. Her human, artist Julia Powell, says the golden retriever will "spend as much as two minutes in front of a canvas and then she'll resume dog activities...She'll look at the same canvas as much as five times during the day."

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Things We Saw Today: This Boy and His Tauntaun Costume Will See You in Heck

This little kid has the best Halloween costume.

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Things We Saw Today: I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of SNL Cast Members Breaking Character

I can't help myself; one of my favorite parts about Saturday Night Live is watching what happens with the players break character. It's the perfect reminder that they're giving a live performance, and sometimes, even if things go perfectly in rehearsal, you can't stop a case of the giggles.

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Look at Me: Makeup YouTubers Leading a Quiet Revolution

These YouTubers, whether you’ve heard of them or not, are quietly revolutionizing the way millennials or anyone with a YouTube account sees beauty standards and, subsequently, themselves.

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Want to Look Like a Troll? MAC Cosmetics Has Got You Covered

MAC Cosmetics is definitely trolling all of us with their latest partnership. Remember DreamWorks' Trolls movie, slated to come out in 2016? It's a movie inspired by those Troll dolls that got mega-popular in the mid-90s, and now MAC's releasing a cosmetics line inspired by the movie and the dolls.

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Things We Saw Today: Awesome DC Super Hero Girls Cosplay

For their annual WonderCon cosplay, the fine folks over at Heroic Girls and their daughters teamed up with some other families for an awesome DC Super Hero Girls cosplay. They even got a chance to show their cosplay off to Lisa Yee, writer of the first DC Super Hero Girls book!

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Walgreens is Going To Offer a Wonder Woman-Themed Beauty Collection

For those of us geeks who want to get our beauty on too.

The part about this I like is that you know it'll be a relatively affordable makeup collection--I've always been a fan of companies that make it a little easier on our wallets when it comes to pairing our beauty interests with our geeky loves.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Wins Historic at Makeup and Hairstylist Awards

What a lovely day!

Fury Road has won countless awards and been nominated for many more--at this year's Oscars, it'll be competing for wins in 10 categories--including Best Makeup and Hairstyling. That's where it dominated last night at the Makeup and Hairstylists Guild Awards, earning wins for best period and/or character makeup and best special makeup effects.

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Watch 100 Years of Zombie Evolution: From White Zombie to Walking Dead

Warning: lots of blood!

Top Trending shared a video from Dying Light: The Following that shows us the different kinds of zombies pop culture has seen over the years.

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Wear Your The Wicked + The Divine Fandom on Your Nails With These Wicked Nail Wraps

Putting them on is a snap.

If you saw those Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals nail wraps and thought to yourself, "Hmm, I like these, but what do I wear when I'm snapping my fingers to blow up people's heads," then friend, you need some help. But you also need these new WicDiv nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics.

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UPDATED: RunwayRiot Reports on Lime Crime, an Indie Makeup Brand With a Massive Image Problem

Lime Crime’s Instagram is loaded with praise for the vivid neon yellow, fuchsia, and electric blue makeup. The brand’s image is all unicorns and rainbows, but after we interviewed numerous customers, we found that the brand’s identity has become less about sparkle and more about their business practices.

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Kate Winslet Signs Deal With L’Oréal, Says Photos Not Allowed to Be Retouched

Kate Winslet recently announced that she's signed a deal to become the face of L'Oréal with the stipulation that they're not allowed to digitally retouch her photos.

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Janelle Monae Reveals Cover Girl’s ‘Resistance Pilot’ Star Wars Look

Easy, breezy, staying on target.

We've had some really intriguing glimpses of Cover Girl's Star Wars: The Force Awakens makeup already, and now here's Janelle Monae revealing the "Resistance Pilot" line.

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The Apple Watch Puts Its Best Face Forward In Vogue‘s September Issue

Along with Covergirl's Star Wars line, Amazon Fashion, and more.

Vogue's annual September issue is kind of a big deal, which is why it's cool to see Beyoncé on the cover, and also why it's surprising to see wearable tech making an appearance in its pages.

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The Star Wars Makeup Line: For Droids, Rebels, and Space Royalty

Easy, breezy, beautiful rebel spies.

Cover Girl has nabbed a merchandising tie-in with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, along with several other brands intending to release limited edition Star Wars merch on "Force Friday," September 4. The upcoming Cover Girl line, aside from being an undeniable acknowledgement of the femme side of Star Wars fandom, includes a tube of lightsaber-inspired mascara, plus a line of lipstick colors with names inspired by Star Wars quotes both past and future.

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Cut Video’s “100 Years of Beauty” Series Explore the Fashions of Russia

Cut Video's fantastic hair and makeup series explores Russia's history with the help of model Anya Zaytseva. For more of "100 Years of Beauty," check out Cut Video's look at the fashions of Mexico, North and South Korea, India, and the Philippines.

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Cut Video Looks at 100 Years of Hair and Makeup in India

What do you think, hair and makeup history nerds?

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“100 Years of Hair and Makeup” Series Looks at the Fashions of the Philippines

Cut Video has done it again!

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