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Apple Announces A Slew of New Hardware, New MacBook Model With Retina Display

When it comes to Apple hardware, the buzz is usually about the new iPhone or the new iPad. Apple didn't get into either of those at WWDC 2012, but it did announce a whole bunch of new laptop tech that's sure to get everyone salivating. Along with new versions of the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, Apple has announced an entirely new line of MacBooks, and boy do they ever look pretty. On top of that, they're all shipping today. Let's have a look at the specs, shall we?

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It’s Really Unlikely That Apple Will Release a $799 MacBook Air

Today, the DigiTimes ran an article which proclaims that Apple will start selling its MacBook Air for $799 -- $200 less than the ultra-slim notebook currently sells for -- because of the rising threat posed by PC ultrabooks. The report says that the super cheap computer would be on sale starting in the third quarter of 2012. However, that's almost certainly not going to happen, at least not as described.

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Watch a Cook Devein Shrimp With a MacBook Air [Video]

Remember when a MacBook Air was pulled out of that envelope and everyone thought it was so amazing that a computer was thin enough to fit into an envelope? Unrelated, you know how shrimp has that gross vein running down its back? Well, related, because this cook in the above video deveins the shrimp with a MacBook Air. I suppose one can say a $1,000 computer that can double as a knife is better than a $1,000 knife that can't display funny YouTube videos.

(via Viral Viral Videos)

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MacBook Air Display Illustrates Airiness with Balloon [Video]

Well-played, Apple. Well-played, indeed. In proving just how light the MacBook Air really is, this Apple Store has one displayed in the front window, suspended in mid-air by a helium-filled balloon. No, really -- it's that light! Look for yourself! (The Next Web)

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MacBook Air Skinned to Look Like a Composition Notebook

BeyondTheTech has devised a sleek skinmod to complement the MacBook Air's razor-thin profile: The familiar black-and-white mottle of a grade-school composition notebook. The OCD among you will notice that the pink line on the lined page is on the wrong side, but as Core77 points out, this is actually a handy way of marking the useable part of the trackpad.

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New MacBook Pros: Solid-State Drives, No Optical Drive, Next April [Rumor]

If Three Guys and a Podcast's report holds true, the next iteration of the MacBook Pro will release in April 2011, featuring solid-state drives, and will dispense with optical drives, like the recent version of the MacBook Air. It is also speculated that the new MacBooks may feature Intel's Light Peak optical cabling, which is supposed to be a universal bus to replace various buses, such as SATA, USB, HDMI, PCI Express and FireWire.

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Flash Decreases MacBook Air Battery Life in a Big Way

As those of you following the new MacBook Air may know, Apple decided to ship the wafer-thin laptop without Adobe Flash, yet another log into the Apple-hates-Flash fire. However, instead of excluding Flash for no other reason than keeping with the anti-Flash trend, reviews of the MacBook Air over at Ars Technica indicate that having Flash installed can cut the battery life by a third, providing a possible practical reason as to why Flash didn't make the cut.

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MacBook Air Torn Down by (Who Else?) iFixit

True to their mission of ripping apart any Apple product they can to get at its guts, the good people of iFixit have taken a hard look at the innards of Apple's just-unveiled 11-inch MacBook Air. Not too many surprises -- the big takeaway for less tech-oriented people will be that Apple used 5-point Security Torx screws to make getting inside MacBook Airs really hard, even for folks like the iFixit crew. CrunchGear bemoans the fact that "most of the parts are so customized (not to say obscure) that you’d be unable to find them in even the most extensive part store." Still, if you want a look at how Apple manages to cram so much in such a small box -- as well as a slew of specs -- head on over to iFixit. (iFixit via NOTCOT)

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Apple’s Back to the Mac Event: Announcement Roundup

Apple held its "Back to the Mac" event and streamed it across the Internet for all to see. The big announcements were a new iLife suite, FaceTime coming to OS X, a new version of OS X dubbed "Lion," a new MacBook Air, and the Mac App Store. Head past the jump for details and screenshots.

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Apple’s “Back to the Mac” Announcement Kicks Off at 1pm EDT: How to Follow

Apple's Back to the Mac announcement is scheduled to begin at 1pm EDT: While some details of the announcement appear to have leaked via Apple's forums, including a new MacBook Air, iLife '11, and a possible mystery product, no one yet knows for certain what's in store. It seems pretty likely that the announcement will tease a new version of Mac OS X, tentatively known as "Lion" to the blogosphere thanks to the promotional picture Apple sent out last week (left); however, it's unclear whether that'd be ready to go on people's computers anytime soon or would merely be a sneak peek, consistent with Apple's schedule of releasing the past three updates two years apart each; then again, the rules may be different now. Update: We've written a comprehensive roundup of all the big announcements this afternoon.

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Who Needs the New MacBook Air When You Can Have a MacBook Earth, Water, or Fire?

Riffing on the all-but-confirmed reports that Apple will be rolling out a new 11.6-inch MacBook Air at their press announcement this afternoon -- Engadget says it'll have a 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with a 2.33GHz option, 2 GB of memory, no optical drive, a single-button trackpad, and a smaller footprint than the current MacBook Air, but with the same thickness -- DVICE has mocked up some more clever elemental MacBooks. There are two and only two possible quips to make here: 1. Where's MacBook Heart? 2. By our powers combined, etc. (DVICE)

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TechCrunch Intern Fired For Requesting Macbook Air For Blog Post

This week, TechCrunch suspended Daniel Brusilovsky, an intern in the throes of his Senior year of high school, for requesting a Macbook Air in exchange for writing a post about a start-up. When a further investigation revealed that Brusilovsky had received under-the-table compensation -- including another computer -- for previous posts, they fired him.

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