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TechCrunch Intern Fired For Requesting Macbook Air For Blog Post

This week, TechCrunch suspended Daniel Brusilovsky, an intern in the throes of his Senior year of high school, for requesting a Macbook Air in exchange for writing a post about a start-up. When a further investigation revealed that Brusilovsky had received under-the-table compensation — including another computer — for previous posts, they fired him.

The intern in question is an Internet prodigy who had been with TechCrunch since August 2008. According to his blog, he has allies such as Robert Scoble and has spoken at conferences around the world, like BizTech Day, the International Consumer Electronics Show, MacWorld 2010 and Under 21 – Digital Natives in Rome. He also started the Teens in Tech Network.

But despite Brusilovsky’s Internet prowess, he’s can’t yet legally drink, smoke cigarettes, rent a car, purchase pornography or be sued. That’s right, Brusilovsky is under 18.

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