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Hulu’s Shrill Is The Superhero Origin Story Fat Girls Have Been Waiting For

Aidy Bryant shines in the comedy series based on Lindy West's bestselling book.

If you're a fat girl in film or television, your narratives are limited. No longer, thanks to 'Shrill.'

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Aidy Bryant Set to Star as Lindy West in Hulu Adaptation of Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman

Lindy West is one of our favorite feminist writers out there, and she's now having her book Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman adapted into a single-camera comedy for Hulu. Even better? In the most perfect bit of casting of all time, Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant is set to star as the TV version of West. The show is only in development, but I already can't wait!

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“Aziz, We Tried to Warn You:” Lindy West Reminds Everyone That Feminists Have Been Talking About Consent for Decades

What is more important than discussing what should happen to Aziz Ansari and his career, is understanding how we unlearn problematic lessons about dating and sex. How did we get to a place where women feel like they have to accept shitty sexual experiences like this? And how did we get to a point where guys think it's okay to act this way as long as she doesn't say no?

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Things We Saw Today: Dear Hollywood, Please Give Tiffany Haddish All the Awards and Also Let Her Host Every Ceremony. Thank You.

Tiffany Haddish won Best Supporting Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and her acceptance speech is one of the greatest speeches–one of the greatest awards show moments, really–of recent history, if not ever.

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Things We Saw Today: Baby Porgs Are…Well…Thank Goodness They Grow Into Their Cuteness

A Japanese website posted some new Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys, including a Porg toy featuring a nest with baby porgs! Sounds adorable, right? Well...

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Things We Saw Today: Fiona the Hippo Reunites With Both Her Parents

“Fiona has been exploring the outdoor habitat with her mom for several weeks and has had contact with Henry inside, but today was the first time that the three hippos have been together.  Bibi was protective of Fiona and gave Henry cues about how to interact appropriately with the little one.”

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Things We Saw Today: This Korean SNL Parody of Doctor Strange Is On Point

This Korean SNL parody doesn't bear that much similarity with what actually happens in Doctor Strange... but it's still pretty hilarious.

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Elizabeth Banks Bringing Lindy West’s Feminist Memoir to Television, Continues Making Opportunities For Women a Priority

Elizabeth Banks seems to be killing it in the multi-hyphenate department. Not only is she a skilled actress and director, but she's also been producing up a storm for her company Brownstone Productions with her husband, Max Handelman. She's basically living the full Women in Film dream. Even better? All of her choices provide opportunities and a platform for other women.

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Data on #ShoutYourAbortion Can Accurately Predict One’s Stance on Abortion Without Reading Content

We probably could've figured out the above without a study of data, but hard data always helps. Brian Clifton, Gilad Lotan, and Emma Pierson at Quartz studied over 100,000 tweets to follow the progress of the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag and show how they can accurately figure out someone’s views on abortion via their social media connections - without actually reading their tweets or profile - and those who identify as members of #GamerGate are more likely to be anti-choice. Shocking, I know.

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#ShoutYourAbortion Aims to De-Stigmatize Women’s Choices

While I've never had an abortion, I have plenty of female friends who have. What's always struck me about the way that they talk about them is that, even though they had no problem making the decision to do it, and had every legal right to do it, they still felt the need to talk about them to me, a friend, in whispers.

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Relevant to Your Interests: The Badass Feminist Coloring Book Kickstarter

Totally. Rad. Project.

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Twitter CEO’s Leaked Memo: “We Suck at Dealing With Abuse and Trolls”


In the summer of 2013, when feminist critic Lindy West was receiving near-constant online rape threats for her stance on male comedians making rape jokes, one particularly virulent troll stole her deceased father's identity to harass West over Twitter. Last January, West shared her ensuing interactions with her harasser in an incredible This American Life episode and over on The Guardian--and it seems like someone at Twitter was listening.

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Lindy West Interviews a Repentant Troll in Latest This American Life Episode

Here at The Mary Sue, you can imagine that we know all about what it's liked to get harassed on a daily basis by people who miiiiight have some personal issues with women to sort out for themselves. So does Lindy West, feminist critic and former staff writer at Jezebel, whose recent story for NPR's This American Life is an emotional breath of fresh air for anyone who's ever received—or sent—an angry or harassing message online.

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