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Things We Saw Today: Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Pharrell Freak Out As David Blaine Performs His Ice Pick Trick

This might be really wrong of me, but there's nothing more fun than watching seemingly together, serious, grown-ass adults completely freak out like babies.

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Controversial Space Mining Bill Passes U.S. Congress

Mining. In. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Currently, due to international treaties, no nation can own things in space like asteroids or the Moon (despite us flying up there and putting our flag on it). However, with private spaceflight becoming more and more of a pressing reality, congress has passed a bill granting ownership of resources that corporations bring back from space.

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Colorado Town Shoots Down Proposal to Allow Residents to Shoot Down Drones

It's drone season! Rabbit season! Drone season! Rabbit season!

Last year, we heard about a proposal in Deer Trail, Colorado that would allow residents to shoot down drones flying overhead in exchange for a bounty. A vote yesterday shot down the proposal and got rid of the town's mayor, who supported the plan. It looks like drone season will have to wait for another day.

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New Zealand Repeals Laws Against Fortune Telling After Just Three Centuries

Fortune tellers in the country no longer have to live under the threat of being put in the stocks for plying their trade

Scrying the future just got a lot safer for New Zealand-based practitioners of the occult. The island nation has announced plans to repeal laws against fortune telling and "witchcraft" in general which have been on the books since 1735 and could send modern day sorcerers to jail for up to a year -- with some of that time spent in the stockades.

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Navy Ships Getting Laser Weapons In 2014 [Video]

After years and billions of dollars spent in development, the Navy's Laser Weapon System (LaWS) has been deemed ready for primetime, meaning the directed-energy weapons will start making appearances on the decks of U.S. military ships beginning next year. The solid-state laser, which will make stage its coming out on the USS Ponce, is still in it prototype stage, and isn't yet capable of eliminating a missile or enemy jet, but Navy officials are confident that it could disable other ships, and as for drones...well, you can see it blasting one out of the air during a test in the video below.

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Man Simultaneously Drives Two Bumper Cars Around China [Video]

For reasons unknown, the so-called "Mr. Zhang" decided that since he had nothing better to do that day, he would drive around China in two bumper cars. At the same time. He can be seen here, straddling the two fair-ground roadsters, and tooling around amiably without a care in the world. Eventually, he was stopped by police, which Metro reports resulted in little punishment for Mr. Zhang.

Officer Xiao said: 'Traffic regulations say that bumper cars are not engine vehicles, so they can't drive onto street.' However, because the law doesn't stipulate what punishment a bumper car driver should receive Zhang just got a warning.
So let's recap on the subject of China, shall we? You can't freely search the internet, you can't have time-travel plots in TV shows, but driving two bumper cars through busy traffic is no big deal. (via Autoblog)

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Farting Could Be Outlawed In Malawi

A new law being proposed in the African nation of Malawi would ban farting. If enacted, president Bingu wa Mutharika's government will be faced with the odorous task of determining if who smelled it did was the person who, in fact, dealt it. From The Daily Mail:

But locals fear that pinning responsibility on the crime will be difficult - and may lead to miscarriages of justice as 'criminals' attempt to blame others for their offence.
Of course, this new law is not only about farting. It will also ban several other behaviors that, while not all as loopy as the headlining law, certainly do make up quite the mixed bag of offenses. Again, from the Mail:
These include insulting the modesty of a woman, challenging to fight a duel, and trespassing on a burial place. It also outlaws pretending to be a fortune teller, according to local press in the country.
Should the law pass, Malawi will join the ranks of other lands that have sought refuge from the terrors of the human digestive system. Places like Florida. (via The Daily Mail, image via Wikipedia)

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