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Man Simultaneously Drives Two Bumper Cars Around China [Video]


For reasons unknown, the so-called “Mr. Zhang” decided that since he had nothing better to do that day, he would drive around China in two bumper cars. At the same time. He can be seen here, straddling the two fair-ground roadsters, and tooling around amiably without a care in the world. Eventually, he was stopped by police, which Metro reports resulted in little punishment for Mr. Zhang.

Officer Xiao said: ‘Traffic regulations say that bumper cars are not engine vehicles, so they can’t drive onto street.’

However, because the law doesn’t stipulate what punishment a bumper car driver should receive Zhang just got a warning.

So let’s recap on the subject of China, shall we? You can’t freely search the internet, you can’t have time-travel plots in TV shows, but driving two bumper cars through busy traffic is no big deal.

(via Autoblog)

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