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Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer and Kate McKinnon To Star in “Raunchy Comedy”

That's a headline I'm almost surprised to read (much less type), but it's happening and I'm pretty darn delighted about it. Scarlett Johansson and Ilana Glazer will be starring in a comedy film together, along with Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell.

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Ghostbusters Cast Talks Chris Hemsworth’s Stupid Talented Face

"You shut up Chris!"

The Ghostbusters crew went on The Graham Norton Show, where they all bonded over annoyingly perfect Chris Hemsworth.

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Watch the Original Ghostbusters Meet the New on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Plus some neat character videos!

Things were especially Ghostbuster-y on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Both Ghostbusters Casts Will Come Together on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mass hysteria!

Maybe, just maybe this Kimmel appearance will finally prove to the Ghostbusters haters once and for all that we can get along? At this point, it may be too late for Sony convince some fans to give this movie a shot, but you can't blame them for trying.

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Melissa McCarthy Believes Ghostbusters Haters Just Need To “Find a Friend”

“Four women doing any movie on earth will destroy your childhood?"

Given that the film itself has had more than one successful test screening already, some audiences would seem to be landing on the pro-Ghostbusters side. Hold on to your childhoods; this cast isn't going anywhere.

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Ariana Grande and the Women of Saturday Night Live Manage Expectations With “This Is Not a Feminist Song”

This weekend's Saturday Night Live video sketch featured host Ariana Grande and cast members Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong, and Sasheer Zamata frolicking at Coney Island to the "This Is Not a Feminist Song" song. At times the song might seem feminist, but they wouldn't want to offend anyone, and feminism is "pretty nuanced stuff," so it's not a feminist song, okay?

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Ghostbusters International Trailer Features Lots of New Footage, One Talking Man

And some hilariously terrible logos.

Only women spoke in the first Ghostbusters trailer, but the new international trailer features lots of new footage, including some dialogue from Chris Hemsworth's Kevin the Secretary.

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Watch The New Ghostbusters Trailer Recut With The Original Theme Song

Now this is bound to ruin some childhoods.

There's no ignoring the fact that the classic Ghostbusters theme song--originally performed by Ray Parker, Jr.--has been updated and tweaked a little for the new movie. So of course it was only a matter of time before someone on the Internet decided to see how the trailer played with that original song instead.

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The First Ghostbusters Trailer Is Finally Here!

Who you gonna call?

Finally, after months of waiting, our first real look at Paul Feig's brand new Ghostbusters has arrived!

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Things We Saw Today: Man Legally Changes Name to “Bacon Double Cheeseburger”

A U.K. man loves bacon double cheeseburgers so much that--well, he didn't marry them, but he changed his name to honor them.

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Kate McKinnon Talks the Importance of An “Ugly Jumpsuit” and Paul Feig’s Work

Last weekend, Paul Feig received the first inaugural "Athena Leading Man" award at the Athena Film Festival. Presenting the award was Ghostbuster Kate McKinnon, who, after taking some shots at her old Barnard security guard, spoke about Feig's work and the importance of Ghostbusters

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The Ghostbusters Trailer is Coming (But First, a Small Announcement!)

Who you gonna call?

It's always fun to wake up on a freezing weekend to discover there's even more news about the Ghostbusters movie. It's even more fun when you learn that Sony Pictures has just released a trailer announcement letting us know when we can expect the trailer. So, in other words, it's a trailer for the trailer.

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LEGO Announces a Ghostbusters Playset Featuring the New Cast

Out with the old, and in with the new! LEGO just announced a new playset featuring the Ghostbusters of 2016.

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New Ghostbusters Images Feature Closeups and Secretary Chris Hemsworth!

I ain't afraid of no Ghostbusters reboot.

We've got new images of the new Ghostbusters cast ... in closeups this time! Can you tell that we're fairly excited for this movie?

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Adam Driver Is a Huge Goober in Saturday Night Live Promos with Kate McKinnon

Just a Knight of Ren and a Ghostbuster, hanging out. No big deal.

I know Adam is an "actor" and that I should probably do him the courtesy of not blurring the line between him and his Force Awakens character any more than it already has been, but I really feel like this is exactly how Kylo Ren would behave if headlining some sort of First Order Comedy Review.

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Paul Feig Shows Off All Four New Ghostbusters Action Figures

Your fears of Hemsworth-only sets can now rest.

Here's a way to make it really hard for marketing departments to leave a movie's female characters out of merchandise: make all the lead characters women like Ghostbusters. Short of a Chris Hemsworth-only (he plays their secretary, you'll remember) action figure pack—or no figures at all—there was really no way things could go wrong, and we've finally got a look at our new Ghostbusters in toy form.

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A New Look at the New Ghostbusters and Who Their Foe(s) Will Be

Sadly not Vigo the Carpathian.

No, Star Wars, you can not have every headline from now until you're out of theaters. You've made enough money. Let's be products of our generation and quickly move on to the next big thing: Ghostbusters.

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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Bring Back Infamous Palin/Clinton Impressions to SNL

What year is it again?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to Saturday Night Live last night, proving that sometimes the best way to invigorate a show is to take a trip back through space and time to play some of the old sketches that really, really worked. Between Fey and Poehler stepping behind the desk at Weekend Update and Bruce Springsteen serving as musical guest, part of me wasn't completely sure what year we were even in.

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These New Ghostbusters Posters Will Give You Life (or Death?)

We know, we know. You're hype for Star Wars this week. But we also know that you're hype for the Paul Feig Ghostbusters movie, bringing together some of the best in female comedic talent. Well, after the awesome photo that the cast posted yesterday, we finally have some official, badass poster images!

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We Would Like a Poster of This Brand New Ghostbusters Cast Photo, Please and Thank You

Just in case you forgot, there's still a brand new Ghostbusters movie coming out starring some of our favorite female actresses.

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