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SNL’s Season Is Over, But Kate McKinnon Still Has Plenty of Jeff Sessions Material She Needs to Get Out of Her System

"Recuse me."

Saturday Night Live is off for the summer, which is upsetting for Kate McKinnon, who’s forced to keep her delightfully creepy impressions of political figures bottled up inside, with no outlet. What’s she to do when Kellyanne Conway is caught making fun of White House staff or Jeff Sessions spends hours chuckling and very slowly rambling about all the things he doesn’t remember doing?

McKinnon says not being able to do her impressions at a time when so many political figures are basically throwing out comedy material like Mardi Gras beads makes her feel left out, like “there’s a party going on and [she’s] not there.” Even though she’s forced to read about the party on the internet!

Luckily, Seth Meyers is more than happy to offer a platform for her impressions following Sessions’ completely bananas Senate hearing. Honestly, hearing McKinnon-as-Sessions explain that he didn’t help Jim Comey navigate Trump because he “didn’t hear him” makes more sense than pretty much anything the real Sessions said during the hearing. “This guy is about 6-foot-8, and I heard a sound above my head,” she imagines. “I thought it was a cicada.” See, that I would believe.

McKinnon also explained how her Sessions impression came about, which stemmed from a weird thing she could always do with her lips that she’d never found a place for. Then a little racist house elf was sworn in as attorney general and everything fell into place.

Side note: does everyone else find it kind of terrifying to see Kate McKinnon make her Sessions face without the rest of the hair & makeup? It’s a pretty fantastic mind trip, isn’t it?

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