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Happy Festivus! Hulu Nabs Exclusive Streaming Rights to Seinfeld in Almost $180 Million Deal

The characters of Seinfeld couldn't even have begun to imagine the idea of streaming television, what with their VHS tapes of Mets games and Melrose Place viewing parties. But they've finally made it to the future as Hulu just announced a deal with Sony Pictures TV for all 180 episodes. You heard that right, they're paying almost $1 million per episode. Hoochie mama!

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“Jerry’s Place VR” Lets You Explore Seinfeld’s Apartment With an Oculus Rift Headset

Just don't try to burst through the door like Kramer does, because the door does not really exist.

Do you wish that you and your friends were so compelling and interesting that you could talk about nothing on broadcast television for nine years and get Emmy's for it? Do you also wish you lived in an apartment that transcends the rules of modern urban planning? Have we got the virtual reality program for you!

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Tina Fey Wants To Be In Charge of Issuing Twitter Licenses.


With one exception (the Batmobile) I don't like cars, so I never considered watching Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee before. But Tina Fey was on this week, and after watching her and Jerry go get coffee and something called a cereal smoothie, I think I'm hooked.

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Jerry Seinfeld Asked Patton Oswalt Who His Favorite Superhero Is, and How He Would Kill Superman—in a DeLorean

We're a little surprised by his answer.

Comedy nerds are probably already familiar with Jerry Seinfeld's brilliant webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but I think regular nerds will like this week's episode too. It features Patton Oswalt talking about his favorite superhero, killing Superman, and they drive around in a DeLorean.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Sequel to the Classic “Who’s on First?” Comedy Routine [Video]

Though it wasn't the first to play with words, the "Who's on First?" routine by Abbott and Costello is perhaps the most famous of its kind. Started in the early 20th century, the sketch has been a hit ever since. Most folks have at least heard of it, if not heard the actual thing. It's something of a landmark, and budding comedians everywhere tend to give it a go. Jimmy Fallon, with the help of Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld, has produced a sequel to the routine on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and let's just say we were pleasantly surprised.

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Jerry Seinfeld Reunites with Soup Nazi in Another Super Bowl Ad Attempting to Tickle Our Nostalgia Bone

First it was Matthew Broderick reprising the role of Ferris Bueller to promote Honda, now another Super Bowl car commercial features Jerry Seinfeld reuniting with the Soup Nazi in order to promote the new Acura NSX. The video, seen after the break, features Seinfeld following around some guy in order to pry the first Acura NSX off his hands, offering him a wide variety of add services and products in the Acura's place. One of those products is the Soup Nazi, who sternly spouts, "Soup for you," a variant on, well, you know. How do you feel about this year's Super Bowl resurrecting some of your old favorite characters in order to promote cars?

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Seinfeld Re-Cut Makes Jerry Look Like a Supervillain

YouTube user TRMUS1C makes these fun videos of Seinfeld where bits of the show (mostly) taken out of context are cut together, some dramatic music is added, and a new story is hatched without having many ties to the actual episodes that contain the scenes. Above is a cut wherein Jerry the Great attempts to take over the world with his evil cohort George, until Jerry sells his partner out, which is something that would totally happen to George.

Other Seinfeld cuts can be seen on TRMUS1C's YouTube channel, which include an inspirational take on George's life, something which the character probably could've used.

(reddit via The High Definite)

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The Cast of Seinfeld as DC Superheroes

Inspired casting by Dave Wachter. I do love the fact that George/Batman is holding a golf ball. See also: Julie Bell's Seinfeld/Star Wars mashup. (Dave Wachter via Super Punch)

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Microsoft’s Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Ads Explained: They Were Trying to Be Like LOST


In 2008, Microsoft subjected itself to a good dose of online and IRL heckling with its puzzling commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, for which Seinfeld was reportedly paid $10 million. After three commercials, which were negatively (if unfairly) received, Microsoft promptly shelved the series, claiming that they were shifting to "the second phase of [their] advertising campaign ... as planned from the start." That next phase turned out to be the "I'm a PC" ads.

In an interview with a top Microsoft marketing strategist, TechFlash discovered that the confused reactions (though not their negativity) may have all been part of the plan: the aim of the commercials was to hook people in with their very obscurity, LOST-style.

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