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Star Trek: Discovery’s Female Lead Character Is Named Michael Burnham and I Can’t Stop Thinking About It

Names have power: just ask Rumpelstiltskin. As someone with a longstanding interest in the meaning of names, the first thing that caught my attention while watching Discovery was that the first officer played by Sonequa Martin-Green has a traditionally masculine name. I had to know more.

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The Cast of Star Trek: Discovery Took a Knee Against Racial Injustice

I imagine that the cast of Star Trek: Discovery made the spirit of creator Gene Roddenberry—along with legions of fans—even prouder when they knelt en masse to protest the ongoing issues of racial injustice and police brutality in America.

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All the Things I Loved About Star Trek: Discovery, Despite One Huge Disappointment

Here's the truly disappointing thing.

Last night was the night that Trekkies all over the world were waiting for! Star Trek: Discovery had its two-hour premiere! Two hours, you ask? Yes indeedly. If you were only watching the CBS broadcast, you only saw what ended up being the first half of the pilot. Hour two was uploaded exclusively to CBS All Access, and it was well worth taking in on the new platform.

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These Star Trek: Discovery Pics Showcase Diversity…and J.J. Abrams Lens Flares

Star Trek: Discovery is almost upon us, and I couldn't be more excited! Check out new cast photos after the jump!

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Women of Trek Finally Front and Center in First Look at Star Trek: Discovery

While the road to Star Trek: Discovery has been tumultuous to say the least, we're still excited for many reasons. First, because we're Trekkies, and any new Trek is reason for celebration, but also because this particular installment puts not only women, but women of color front and center. I mean, just look at that majesty above. This is the first official image the production has released, the first impression the show wants to make, and it is beautiful.

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Star Trek: Discovery Finds Its New Captain in The OA‘s (and Harry Potter‘s) Jason Isaacs

It all started with an errant tweet. Jason Isaacs tweeted some important Star Trek: Discovery news that he probably shouldn't have.

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[VIDEO] A Cure For Wellness Review: Great Acting and Cinematography Couldn’t Save a Contrived Plot

1 out of 5 stars.

At least it was pretty.

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JK Rowling Gets an Eye-Full of Grown up Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis Proceeds to Apologize for His Abs & Junk

And then Lucius Malfoy made a butt joke.

While Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling didn't create the films, she was heavily involved in the process and therefore became close with the cast. When Matthew Lewis tweeted a link to a magazine he's being featured in, Rowling was in for a bit of a shock. Warning: serious abs ahead.

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New Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Reveals Plot Details, Passes The Bechdel Test

Many fans are not as forgiving as I am.

In preparation for the show's premiere and panel at SDCC on the 24th, Disney has released an extended trailer for Star Wars Rebels that gives more insight into what to expect from the animated series.

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Eeeeevil Plans: Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs Cast in Star Wars Rebels

As if Lucius Malfoy wasn't creepy enough.

Disney announced today that Jason Isaacs will join Star Wars Rebels as a new villain.

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Things We Saw Today: Frozen-Themed Hotel Room

Things We Saw Today

The Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada is a hotel with rooms made of ice and snow.  They've decided to add a "Frozen suite" that's modeled on the rooms of Elsa and Anna in the movie Frozen. (via GeekMom)

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