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Go Go Nostalgia! Watch the First Trailer for Netflix’s Inspector Gadget Reboot

Gadgets and Gizmos aplenty.

Our personal feelings about 3D-animated reboots aside, Netflix's Inspector Gadget series (premiering March 27th) seems like it might actually have a lot to offer younger viewers who aren't already indoctrinated in the bumbling cyborg's ways. What do you think, friends?

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Prepare for a Theme Song Showdown: Disney Launching New DuckTales, Netflix Picks Up Inspector Gadget

No it's too late they're both STUCK IN MY HEAD AT ONCE.

Pictured above: the primary factor that convinced Disney to embark on this new project. Err, the primary factors, I suppose. Such shiny, shiny factors.

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Someone Built Bluetooth Gloves So You Can Pretend to Be Inspector Gadget

Go Go Gadget unnecessary accessories!

Sure. There are probably other reasons to build a glove with an earpiece in the thumb, a microphone in the pinkie, and a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone, but "playing Inspector Gadget" has to be pretty high on that list. Sean Miles is a designer at Designworks, and a presumed Inspector Gadget enthusiast. He's the one responsible for your childhood dreams potentially coming true by building a working glove-phone.

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DARPA Wants Self-Destructing Gadgets in the Style of Inspector Gadget

Technology is becoming an increasingly useful and relied-upon tool in combat and other areas of defense, but keeping our gadgets out of the hands of our enemies is also a challenge. Things can get dropped, lost, or stolen, and if that happens DARPA wants to keep our technology from falling into the wrong hands -- by having it self-destruct. This post will self-destruct in five seconds. Just kidding, it won't. At least not until DARPA gives us the technology to do so.

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Go-Go Gadget Inspector Gadget LEGO Models!

It's not surprising that popular series like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek are often chosen as subjects by the LEGO modding community, but Alex Jones went a different direction by deciding to create a series of Inspector Gadget LEGO models. While his custom Gadget, Penny, and Brain figs are impressive, the centerpiece of his work is without question the Gadgetmobile. Ingeniously, Jones worked out a way to make the vehicle "transform" as it does in the show -- albeit with a bit more work. Now someone just needs to build an enormous The Claw and we'll be set! See more pictures, after the break.

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