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Someone Built Bluetooth Gloves So You Can Pretend to Be Inspector Gadget

Go Go Gadget unnecessary accessories!


Inspector Gadget

Sure. There are probably other reasons to build a glove with an earpiece in the thumb, a microphone in the pinkie, and a Bluetooth connection to your cell phone, but “playing Inspector Gadget” has to be pretty high on that list. Sean Miles is a designer at Designworks, and a presumed Inspector Gadget enthusiast. He’s the one responsible for your childhood dreams potentially coming true by building a working glove-phone.

The Go Go Gadget Gloves (Miles probably doesn’t actually call them that) aren’t planned to come to market any time soon, or probably ever. Like Google’s ridiculous shoes at SXSW this year, the glove was more of a design challenge to see what was possible in the realm of wearable technology, recycling old electronics, and pretending you’re a bumbling half-robot detective.

You can see Miles talk about and demonstrate the glove in this video with the BBC’s Dougal Shaw:

Besides some very dedicated cosplayers, I doubt there’s going to be much of a market for this, but it serves its purpose of creating an interesting use of technology. Now go make the Gadgetcopter!

(via BBC News)

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