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Apple’s Tim Cook Says Pro-Discrimination “Religious Freedom” Laws Like Indiana’s Are Dangerous

Our country's constitution guarantees its citizens the right to freely practice their religion so that we may all avoid discrimination. That's what's so troubling about Religious Freedom Restoration Act legislation in Indiana and elsewhere that opens the door for people to use their religion as a reason to discriminate, and Apple CEO Tim Cook, like many others, is concerned.

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What Indiana’s Laws And GenCon’s Response Means For All Of Us

Corporations are people. It’s what is called ‘legal fiction,’ a conceit that somehow we’ve all been signed on to without having a say in the matter. Of course corporations are not real people, but are allowed to act as such under certain circumstances, warping law, capitalism, and democracy in the process. They have rights without responsibilities, free speech but far more political power than a citizen. It’s a bit like giving a four year old a chainsaw.

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Gen Con Responds to Indiana Passing “Religious Freedom” Bill, Moving Ahead With Discussions to Leave the State

What Would Leslie Knope Do?

After Indiana passed a heinous "Religious Freedom" Bill yesterday allowing business owners to deny same-sex couples service, Gen Con CEO and founder Adrian Swartout issued a letter to Con attendees promising that "discussions, whether to remain in Indy or move elsewhere, have begun" in light of the hateful new law.

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Gen Con Threatens to Leave Indiana Over Controversial “Religious Freedom” Bill

Indiana's new legislation "will have a direct negative impact on the state's economy."

I love when geeks use their organizational powers for good! Gen Con, the longest-running gaming convention in the world, has called Indianapolis home for over a decade. Now, they are reconsidering continuing their relationship with the State of Indiana in light of the recent passage of State Bill 101, which allows Indiana business owners to deny same-sex couples service in the name of "religious freedom."

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Indiana’s Real-Life Tourism Department Wrote an Awesome Farewell Letter to Parks and Rec

They'll miss them in the saddest fashion.

My beautiful, rule-breaking moths, there is hope post Parks and Rec. The residents of Pawnee, Indiana taught us how to treat ourselves, our friends, and our roombas, but their legacy will also live on at the IRL Indiana Office of Tourism Development, whose employees wrote an adorable open letter to the show earlier this week assigning each character to an Indiana town.

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FBI Busts Indiana Archaeologist With Thousands of Artifacts


The FBI has seized thousands of archaeological artifacts from 91-year-old amateur archaeologist Don Miller. It's unclear if Miller actually broke any laws with his collection, but the FBI plans to return at least some of the items to their country of origin. That could take a while considering the size and range of the collection.

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Thirty Wolves Suddenly Howling in Unison’s Haunting and Eerie

The children of the night. What music they make! Except that these children of the night are impatient pooches who don't wait for the night at all. So at some point during your day, you really could do worse than listen to a chorus of wolves sing in eerie unison. In this case, all 30 at the Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue in Indiana channel the beast within.

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Appeals Court Overturns Indiana Law Banning Sex Offenders From Facebook

In the kind of ruling that reminds us all to double check our privacy settings, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a 2008 Indiana law that made it illegal for registered sex offenders to use Facebook and other social media sites. The court released a 20-page decision explaining the ruling. That seems like the right number of pages to explain something like this.

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Man Sells His Amputated Thumb to Fundraise to Save Haunted Train Museum

John Baker runs Baker's Junction Railroad Museum in Smithville, Indiana. The museum, which features a haunted house that takes place in old train cars, actually sounds pretty awesome, but apparently, Baker is in need of money to fix the place up. That being the case, he's doing what any sane person would do: He's selling his thumb. Relax, it got severed before he decided to sell it.

Baker says he'd been holding a saw above his head when his bad leg (this guy has it rough) gave out and his thumb was severed in the fall. Thinking quickly, he threw the thumb into a glass of ice and caught a ride to the nearest hospital, 60 miles away. As it turns out, the thumb was too mangled to be reattached, so Baker had it mummified, set in clear plastic, and put on a keychain. He hopes to sell the thumb for enough to pay for the museum's new metal roof. Where he'll find a buyer willing to pay top dollar, I can't imagine.

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Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen IRL

Calvin and Hobbes' snowmen are unrivaled in creative brutality, which is why they served as inspiration for a group of Indiana Tech students who playfully impaled them on the school's Ellifritt Structure. (via TDW)

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