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Thirty Wolves Suddenly Howling in Unison’s Haunting and Eerie

The children of the night. What music they make! Except that these children of the night are impatient pooches who don’t wait for the night at all. So at some point during your day, you really could do worse than listen to a chorus of wolves sing in eerie unison. In this case, all 30 at the Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue in Indiana channel the beast within.

Some are just a little barky, and some seem like maybe they’re pretending to join along until they give in to lupine peer pressure and join the fray. That’s how dogs are. It’s a chain reaction, where one of them — alpha or otherwise — decided to howl up the day, and all it takes is one or two more to hop on the bandwagon.

Either way, it’s a glorious, chilling listen.

(Reddit via Laughing Squid, image courtesy of

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