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Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Our First Look at Laurie Strode in Upcoming Halloween Sequel!

Today, Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen herself, took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself on the set of the upcoming Halloween sequel wearing a very familiar hairstyle.

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Jordan Peele Responds to All Your Get Out Conspiracy Theories

In a recent video, Jordan Peele answered questions about all those symbolic Get Out details, from the Fruit Loops to the deer to the hats to the ... possible sequel to Being John Malkovich?

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Jordan Peele on Choosing Horror: “Get Out … Is My Greatest Fears in Film”

We're still rolling our eyes over the news that Jordan Peele's awesome directorial debut, Get Out, is being submit for consideration to the Golden Globes as a comedy, because it is very clearly not a comedy. In fact, it's a horror film, a dramatic one at that (albeit with humor in it, for sure), and there's a reason for that.

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Get Out Is Being Submitted to The Golden Globes As a Comedy? I Guess That’s a Choice.

There is no denying that Get Out is one of the most critically and commercially acclaimed films of the year and is certainly deserving of all of the nominations/awards. Yet, according to Entertainment Weekly, the movie's campaign will be submitting itself as a comedy for The Golden Globes. M'kay?

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The Winchester Mystery House Movie Has a Fantastically Creepy Trailer

We've been waiting for this for what feels like forever!

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The Legacy of The Stepford Wives

After watching Get Out earlier this year, the movie that kept coming to my mind, and many others was The Stepford Wives. Based on the book by Ira Levin, the mind behind Rosemary’s Baby as well, the film and novel deal with the idyllic town of Stepford, in which all of the wives are unusually dedicated to their husbands and families. The main character Joanna Eberhart and her best friend Bobbie Markowe watch as their friends change overnight and become “obedient male fantasies.”

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The New Mutants Trailer Is Here and It Is Freaking Scary

In our spookiest month, Fox has just dropped the official trailer for The New Mutants. The trailer suggests that director Josh Boone and his cast of young superpowered people have made a film quite unlike any X-Men property we've seen before.

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How Darkwood Became a Horror Game That is PTSD-Inclusive

It's been a long time since I've played a horror game. Not because I don't love them in that Halloween masochistic way, I do – but because I can't handle them anymore. My post-traumatic stress disorder has made it almost impossible to last longer than five minutes in any given horror title.

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The Grandmother of All Slasher Films Black Christmas Reminds Us That Horror Movies Can Be Lady Positive

The classic movie Halloween is often credited with being the first slasher film. Well, sorry to break the news for some of you, but the reality is that while it is certainly the grandfather of slasher movies, there is a grandmother out there and her cane is here to smash y’all younglings in the face. Her name is Black Christmas.

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Pennywise and The Babadook Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. And It’s “Babawise,” I Don’t Care What Anyone Says

The Internet couldn't be happier.

The Babadook and Pennywise are currently Hollywood's newest "it" gay couple. (Get it?)

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I Will Never See the Movie It but the Reviews Say It’s Scary Good

Reviews are rolling in for the new adaptation of Stephen King's It, and while you could not pay me enough money to sit through this film, by all accounts this one is a creepy clown triumph.

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Drew Barrymore Working on Female-Focused Horror Anthology With The CW, Black Rose Anthology

Drew Barrymore's delving back into the horror genre, as she's currently working with the CW on an anthology called Black Rose Anthology.

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Ease Your Experience of IT This Weekend By Desensitizing Yourself to Creepy-Ass Clowns

OK, so contrary to all our better instincts, we're probably all going to go see IT when it opens on Friday. To help smooth the process, check out this neat IT art and cosplay that maybe kinda sorta makes Pennywise a little less scary? Maybe? (Probably not, but it's worth a try.)

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Things We Saw Today: These Cute Death Note Funko Figures Will Make You Forget the Netflix Version’s Terrible

Sure, the upcoming Death Note adaptation from Netflix doesn't look great, but at least Funko is here to save the day! Check out these adorable POP! figures featuring L, Light, and of course, our favorite shinigami, Ryuk.

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Stop Making Me Want to See IT When I Don’t Wanna See IT, Stephen King!


Damn it. DAMN IT. Why does this movie look so good? Why did this featurette make me want to see this freaking movie even more. I hate movies like this. You know what I don't hate? Sleeping well. Which I won't do for at least a month if I see this movie. DAMN YOU, FEATURETTE!

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Dear Annabelle: Creation Marketing Team: Please Stop Ruining My Life

If you never hear from me again, please know it's just because I angered this movie's PR team and have been possessed by a haunted doll, and am now living out my days in the Ripley's Believe It or Not basement.

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Why Do We Need More Women Journalists? This Excellent TCA Question Is A Perfect Example.

During TCA, Nerdist's Alicia Lutes asked a crucial question about representation in AMC's documentary histories of science fiction, comics, and horror.

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Interview: Stranger Things and Riverdale‘s Shannon Purser Talks Emmys and Her New Film, Wish Upon

It's been a hell of a year for Shannon Purser.

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Things We Saw Today: Wow, a Lot of PG-Rated Films Were Really Messed Up

Kevin Maher (the mind behind the "Monster Gaze" video we also shared) compiled some of the most terrifying moments of PG films that left a deep scar on our young psyches that we've never fully recovered from. Did you see any of your childhood nightmares?

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“The Monster Gaze” Video Essay Shows Horror Fans What Sexist Perverts Monsters Actually Are

Yes, even The Count on Sesame Street.

We know about the male gaze in film and TV, but what about the "monster gaze." You may have noticed that, generally, monster movies always feature a young, nubile female character for the monster to ogle. Sometimes she's a lead character, but often times she's some nameless woman who screams while she runs and jiggles. Or alternately, she's made to stand under the monster's glare.

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