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‘MaXXXine’: Everything We Know About Ti West’s ’80s Sequel to ‘X’

She's a STAR!

a close up of Mia Goth's face in a pool of water from 'X'

Ti West released not one, but two horror hits in 2022: X and Pearl. The surprise news that we were getting a prequel to X was intriguing enough, but it was something else entirely when it was revealed that a sequel to X was on its way as well. Ti West clearly knew that we’d throw our money at a trilogy because here comes MaXXXine.

The only survivor of X was Maxine (Mia Goth), our surprise final girl. Let’s be honest, we all expected Jenna Ortega would make it to the end. I’ll admit it was a subversion that I rolled with because Mia Goth is phenomenal. But what is her character going to get up to in MaXXXine? One thing’s for certain: Maxine is going to remind that she will not accept a life she does not deserve. Here’s everything we know about the conclusion to West’s X trilogy.

Does MaXXXine have a release date?

We currently know nothing as far as official release dates are concerned. The only thing that’s confirmed is that the film is in development, though 2023 is a possibility depending on how things unfold. I’d reckon between 2023-2024 is what we’re looking at right now. The first two films in the trilogy (X and Pearl) were released in the same year. In fact, Pearl was filmed back-to-back with X. So Mia Goth was juggling three separate performances at once, and if that doesn’t prove anything about her talent, then I don’t know what to tell you.

What is MaXXXine about?

The plot will for sure follow Maxine’s journey to pornographic stardom. And apparently the film will fall into a different horror subgenre, so don’t go in expecting another slasher, folks. More details surrounding the exact plot will hopefully be revealed soon. But based on the initial teaser released with Pearl, we’re ready for Maxine in the ’80s.

Who’s in it?

Mia Goth is the only person signed onto this project at this point in time. Pearl (Mia Goth) is dead and so are all of Maxine (Mia Goth)’s friends and partner. Maybe we’ll have some well known folks sign onto the project. It essentially doesn’t matter because the movie is going to be chef’s kiss.


  • Mia Goth played both Maxine and the elderly Pearl in X. She then reprised her role, playing the younger version of the title character in Pearl.
  • You can rent or buy both movies by way of your respective app store. And there are also physical releases if you’re into that.
  • Despite the film’s middle America setting, both X and Pearl were filmed in New Zealand.

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