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Steamboat Willie steering the ship
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Actress Freya Allan poses in the snow as Ciri in season two of The Witcher
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Sigourney Weaver as Ripley holds Jonesy the cat in 'Alien'
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The killer in the movie Thanksgiving, holding a pitchfork.
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The cast of The Blackening stare into the camera, each looking afraid.
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Image of Florence Pugh as Dani in a scene from the film 'Midsommar.' She is a white woman wearing a thick crown of multicolored flowers and up to her neck in a mountain of flowers fashioned like a dress. This is a close-up of her face where she's smiling insanely.
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Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street
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Nora (Sophia Di Martino) clutches a film reel, looking pained.
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One of the Chucky dolls tied up and gagged in "Chucky" season 2
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Four young people look down at the ground with flashlights against a black sky.


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