Nora (Sophia Di Martino) clutches a film reel, looking pained.

‘Loki’s Sophia Di Martino Isn’t Just the Goddess of Mischief—She’s a Fantastic Horror Director

This morning, to celebrate Halloween, Sophia Di Martino took to her Instagram stories to share some fan tributes to one of her most memorable roles.

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Was it Sylvie, the Loki variant who unleashes the multiverse in Loki? Or the troubled Amy Flowers in Flowers? Nope—the role is Nora, the main character in a 2019 short horror film that Di Martino wrote, directed, and starred in.

“The Lost Films of Bloody Nora” premiered at Grimmfest 2019, an annual film festival showcasing indie horror, fantasy, and sci fi films, and won Best UK Short Film at the 2019 Berlin Independent Film Festival. The film tells the story of Nora (Di Martino), a girl living with her abusive father and his “fancy woman” at a chip shop. When Nora happens upon a camera, she’s able to finally express herself—until things take a horrific turn.

“The Lost Films of Bloody Nora” makes you wonder why Di Martino is known primarily for her work in Marvel. Not because her portrayal of Sylvie isn’t good. In fact, Sylvie—with her complicated personality, unapologetic flaws, and lightning-rod energy—is one of the best parts of Loki. No, as great as Di Martino is in other projects, “The Lost Films of Bloody Nora” is even better. It’s a strange, allegorical little fairy tale, filled with visceral horror and absurdist comedy. Even within its tight nine-minute runtime, the narrative frequently flits off into fascinating little digressions, and we get to see Di Martino’s multifaceted gift for storytelling on display.

Although short films don’t tend to get all the love they deserve in the mainstream, the cosplay and tributes Di Martino shared today shows that fans will still seek out quality cinema. Loki episode 5 might still be two days away, but “The Lost Films of Bloody Nora” is on Youtube, so you can check it out right now.

(featured image: Grimmfest)

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