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Last Week Tonight: The Academy’s Expulsion of Harvey Weinstein Is Kind of an Empty Gesture

"Yes finally, the group that counts among its current member Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson has found the one guy who treated women badly and kicked him out," says the host. 

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Woody Allen Seems Way More Concerned About “A Witch Hunt Atmosphere” Than the Women Harvey Weinstein Hurt

You're shocked, I know.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Woody Allen picked a BS thing to be concerned about. "You also don't want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere," he said, "a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer."

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Motion Picture Academy Expels Harvey Weinstein, But What About All the Other Predators in the Industry?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially expelled Harvey Weinstein from the Academy. But if they really want to reject "shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment," they need an action plan for dealing with harassers and abusers going forward.

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So Are People Going To Stop Working With Woody Allen & Roman Polanski Now?

The Hollywood Reporter had a roundtable of the industry's top producers and bothered to include one woman, so that’s something I guess. The panel included: Judd Apatow (The Big Sick), Seth Rogen (The Disaster Artist), Amy Pascal (The Post, Molly's Game), Jason Blum (Get Out), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner 2049, All the Money in the World) and Eric Fellner (Darkest Hour). 

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Seth MacFarlane Made a Pointed Joke About Harvey Weinstein Back in 2013

During the announcement of 2013's Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actress, MacFarlane took a crack at Harvey Weinstein that shows how much of an "open secret" Weinstein's behavior was.

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Vanessa Marquez Accuses George Clooney of Helping To Blacklist Her

As we continue to play the painfully frustrating game of "How Many Men in Hollywood Suck?” we may be adding George Clooney to the list. Vanessa Marquez, who played nurse Wendy Goldman during the first three seasons of ER, claims that Clooney helped blacklist her for speaking up about harassment on the set of the show.

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James Van Der Beek Opens Up About Experiencing Sexual Harassment from “Older, Powerful Men”

Van Der Beek talked about the "unwarranted shame, powerlessness, and inability"  that victims and survivors often experience.

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Emma Thompson: Harvey Weinstein Is a Predator “Endemic to the System”, Not a Sex Addict

"Perhaps the more of us who say this is endemic, let's just say it's endemic...I spent my twenties trying to get old men's tongues out of my mouth because they just thought 'well she's up for it'. So I would imagine that that happens really very regularly".

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Things We Saw Today: Ragnarok‘s Tessa Thompson Wants An All-Female Marvel Movie

Tessa Thompson gathered some other Women of Marvel to approach Kevin Feige at a Ragnarok press event to present the idea of an all-female film.

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Samantha Bee’s Penis PSA Is Good Business Advice for Terrible Men

"Your dick is objectively the worst thing about you."

With so many prominent, powerful men being accused of sexual assault and harassment, Samantha Bee has some advice for other men who are worried that they, too, will face similar accusations. Starting with "don't masturbate in front of your colleagues."

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I Worked in Trust & Safety. Rose McGowan’s Twitter Suspension Makes No Sense

When it came to celebrities, politicians or anyone who was designated a "VIP," the issue was escalated as a matter of course. Which makes McGowan's suspension on Twitter mind-boggling to me. Does Twitter have none of these same practices in play—or are the decision-makers there just completely incompetent?

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Here’s What It’s Really Like to Be a Woman in the Entertainment Industry

These frank testimonials may ring familiar with women in many other industries, too.

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Stop Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Harvey Weinstein—Republicans Are the Ones Who Don’t Trust Women

Clinton’s response follows days of aggressively snide comments from the right, who have rallied behind Donald Trump, Jr. — suddenly a proponent of the “liberal,” “fake news” Times now that it’s published a report that can be used against Democrats — to call out the “hypocrisy” of any and every left-leaning celebrity who’s ever made a comment on politics if they have yet to formally challenge Weinstein to a duel.

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Hilarie Burton and Rose McGowan Call Out Ben Affleck and Prove Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Can Men Just Stop?

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting reign of sexually predatory behavior being brought to the open through the actions of brave women, men who have worked with and benefited from Weinstein’s favor have been taking to social media to declare their outrage and their ignorance to the behavior that took place.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Wants Weinstein News to Bring Down “Anyone Else Complicit in This Billionaire Boys Club Bullsh*t”

The actress responds to Donna Karan's suggestion that women who were victims to Harvey Weinstein's abuse, harassment, and assault might have been "asking for it," to which Curtis says, "Really?" and "Really?"

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“When Did You Meet YOUR Harvey Weinstein?” Twitter Replies Are Enraging and Show That Sexual Harassment Is Everywhere

The writer Anne T. Donahue put out the call on Twitter for people to share stories of meeting "their" first Harvey Weinstein—meaning a person who abuses their position of power in order to sexually harass—and the replies climbed into the thousands. Way, way, way too many women have met a Weinstein.

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Be the Jessica Chastain You Want to See in the World

Jessica Chastain is setting the bar for celebrities' responses to Harvey Weinstein and systemic sexual abuse in Hollywood.

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Pathetic Letter Is Pathetic: Harvey Weinstein Sends Email Begging Hollywood Execs for Help, Gets None

Lest you think that Harvey Weinstein may have at least had the decency to go gracefully when he was fired from The Weinstein Company after decades of sexual harassment, here's evidence that he continues to only care about saving himself. Even as he promises to "get help."

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Men of Hollywood, Where the F*ck Have You Been? Firing Predators Is Only the Beginning

There's been some good news coming out of the fight against systemic sexism in pop culture and media in the form of two notorious sexual predators being fired from the companies they helped build. However, as Rose McGowan would like to point out, this is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.

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Donald Trump Jr. Is Concern-Trolling Hollywood Over Harvey Weinstein

Following the outing of Harvey Weinstein's decades of sexual harassment and assault, Donald Trump Jr. wants us all to know that he cares more than anyone, the absolute most, and he's gonna rub his caring in all those smug Hollywood elitist liberal faces.

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