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Everybody Wants to Be Wonder Woman for Halloween!

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are the most Googled Halloween costumes of 2017.

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Things We Saw Today: Margot Robbie Calls the Harley Quinn and Joker Movie “A Love Story”

No, Margot. No.

Actress Margot Robbie describes the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker as "romantic in a messed up way." How about just plain messed up?

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Warner Bros. Committed to Reviving Suicide Squad’s Biggest Mistake With Harley/Joker Movie

Prepare for more "method acting."

There has been a lot of talk about how Suicide Squad left much of its Joker/Harley Quinn material out of both the original theatrical cut and even the eventual extended version, but it seems like Warner Bros. is still determined to build a movie around that relationship. Yes, in addition to the Joker origin movie that left us at least equally bewildered. No, we don't understand why this is happening, either.

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Things We Saw Today: Get Ready for Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy to Visit Riverdale

The upcoming crossover Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica sounds like a delightful and wacky premise for all characters involved. It's definitely by no means the weirdest Archie Comics crossover.

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Who Would Harley Quinn Be If She Hadn’t Met the Joker?

Gotham City Garage will explore who she and other DC women might be in an alternate hero-less Gotham.

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David Ayer Thinks Suicide Squad Needed More Joker. Will He Feel The Same About Gotham City Sirens?

In a letter to a fan, Suicide Squad director David Ayer said that if he "had a time machine," he would "make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story."

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Harley Quinn Will Be Making Her Way to Fox’s Gotham This Season (But Will She and Ivy Be a Thing?!)

You can't keep a good girl (or a bad girl with a mallet) down. With her popularity skyrocketing thanks to her appearance in Suicide Squad and her popular solo comics title, Harley Quinn is finally coming to Fox's Gotham!

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Things We Saw Today: Rogue One Fans Make Their Own Opening Crawls

Rogue One doesn't start out the same way as the other Star Wars saga films. And some fans have a mind to fix that.

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Hey, Gotham City Sirens Movie? You Better Not Screw Up Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy’s Romance

Unfortunately, thanks to some rumors and new items that have emerged this week about Gotham City Sirens, also known as Margot Robbie's solo Harley Quinn project, it is now time for me to take a step back and write an "I'm concerned" post.

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Margot Robbie’s Solo Harley Quinn Movie Brings Gotham City Sirens to the Silver Screen, At Last

Harley Quinn is a great character just on her own, but some of her best storylines have unfolded when she's had occasion to team up with Poison Ivy and/or Catwoman. Sounds like Margot Robbie feels the same way!

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Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Movie Signs On Screenwriter Christina Hodson

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn solo movie is still chugging along in development, with Robbie herself still in the producer role. She's just tapped a female screenwriter for the project.

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Here’s How DC Can Make the Ultimate Solo Harley Quinn Film

As the Harley Quinn solo flick may be the second female-led DCCU blockbuster after Wonder Woman heads to theaters June 2017, we’d definitely want it to be a success.

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LoriAnn Costume Designs Shows You How to Sew Your Own Harley Quinn Apron

LoriAnn Costume Designs' LoriAnn Gerlisky has just revealed three new sets of patterns that she'll be shipping out through Simplicity next month, so for those of you with sewing machines and a craving to cook while wearing what Harley Quinn would, check out these new offerings!

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The Problem With Reducing Harley Quinn to “The Only Fangirl Who Ever Got Her Man”

So it seems that there are "good" and "bad" Harley Quinn fangirls. The "good" ones understand she's an abuse survivor. The "bad" fangirls like Harley for the "wrong" reasons.

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Why Suicide Squad Should Have Killed the Joker

Can Harley make the jokes from now on?

There's a moment around two thirds of the way into Suicide Squad, DC's divisive super-villain extravaganza, where I was suddenly filled with hope. Hope that a film that treated its most prominent female character like a parody of an abuse victim for over an hour had been doing so for a reason. But after my dreams were dashed, I couldn't stop thinking: Why didn't they just kill the Joker?

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Things We Saw Today: Pokébutt Bookmarks Adorably Save Your Place in a Book

Check out these Pokémon-themed bookmarks, which are basically Pokémon butts that stick out of your book.

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You Don’t Own Harley: Why It’s Important That Suicide Squad Features a Feminist Anthem

It may help resolve the great Harley Quinn debate.

Based on her revealing and flashy outfit, some fans wondered if Harley Quinn is just another product of the male gaze, as that’s often the case for women in superhero movies. But one Suicide Squad trailer, featuring the song "You Don’t Own Me" performed by Grace ft. G-Eazy, leaves me feeling hopeful about Harley Quinn’s character and the overall message of the movie.

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Harley Quinn’s Jester Suit Was Originally Made to Appear in Suicide Squad

But we might be getting a glimpse of it in some form.

While the Harley Quinn of this year's Suicide Squad is wearing a very different outfit from the famous jester costume, it turns out that the costume designers working on the movie did in fact make a version of that suit.

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Suicide Squad Round-Up: Early Screening Reactions, New Posters, & The Joker’s Music Video

With two months to go until the August 5th release date, Suicide Squad has just released a new collection of glitzy new posters, with Harley Quinn's eye-catching smirk dominating most of them. Sounds like Margot Robbie's undeniable charm as the character may well be the stand-out aspect of this movie, according to recent responses from folks who attended the movie's advanced screenings.

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DC Already Has a Harley Quinn Movie In the Works; Margot Robbie Will Produce & Star

Suicide Squad isn't even out yet, but Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn has already captured our hearts. So, who's ready for a Harley Quinn feature film? Because that's actually happening.

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