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Rick and Morty Parodies Ex Machina, The Thing and More in Claymation Shorts

Adult Swim has created a series of claymation shorts titled Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures that put the science duo in famous scenes of movies like Ex Machina, The Thing, The Fly, Honey I Shrunk the Kids,and Halloween.

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Rogue One‘s Donnie Yen Was #ParentingGoals This Halloween With Son Dressed Up As Chirrut Imwe

It helps to have a dad in high places! This Halloween was really special for Rogue One's Donnie Yen and his family, who basically made Star Wars the family business this year!

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Netflix Celebrates Halloween With A Creepy Stranger Things “Archival Newsreel”

Netflix's Stranger Things gets into the Halloween spirit (as if that show isn't basically the embodiment of the Halloween spirit) with an "archival newsreel" from the local news station in Hawkins, Indiana.

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Defeat Ghosts as a Magical Cat on Google’s Cutest Halloween Doodle

This year's Magic Cat Academy game takes inspiration from a real-life black cat named Momo, whose human is Doodler Juliana Chen.

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Seven Times #BlackGirlMagic Ruled This Year’s Halloween Festivities

While it would be easy to focus on the racially insensitive costumes that this holiday often brings, we're centering in on something much more festive—#BlackGirlMagic. So here are our favorites featuring women of color.

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Why Halloween Episodes Are Objectively the Best Part of Every TV Series

Christmas episodes are often too sappy. Thanksgiving ones are nearly always trite and frequently racist. Valentine’s Day episodes? Excruciatingly unrealistic. But Halloween episodes occupy the same sweet spot between surprise and tradition as the holiday itself.

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7 Reasons to Rewatch Buffy on Halloween (And 3 to Keep Your Nostalgia in Check)

Some of us saw Buffy as it aired, some of us found it on Netflix, and though it may seem impossible to the super-fans, some of us have yet to discover the soothing power of Anthony Stewart Head’s voice for the first time.

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SNL‘s David Pumpkins Makes Every Scary Movie Even Scarier

Any questions?!

While last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live premiered to positive reviews, one sketch that caught on (to the surprise of many) was “Haunted Elevator”, in which Tom Hanks played the bizarre yet impeccably dressed David S. Pumpkins–complete with backup b-boy skeletons. It was a relatively simple bit at its core, but somehow the combination […]

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Wanted: Expert Poltergeists for “Lady in White” Position—Apply Now! (Humor)

Thank you for your interest in our Lady in White position at Brockmorehampton Castle. Please take a moment to answer the questions below.

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For the Love of All Hallow’s Eve, Let’s Retire the “Nerd Costume”

It's Halloween Costume Crunch Time (HCCT), so you might be tempted to take the easy way out. Resist, friends!

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Things We Saw Today: Little Girl’s Thundercloud Costume Is Perfect Storm of Amazing

The dad who created the "Glowy Zoey" costume has created "Princess Cumulus," a thundercloud costume for his daughter.

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5 Halloween Comics That Are So Good, It’s Scary

Our friends Tia and Kara, the comiXologists, got together and sent over this great list of spooky reads—all of which you can find on comiXology right now, because nobody should have to put pants on, even if you want 'em scared off.

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CANDYDOME: The Mary Sue’s Definitive Halloween Candy Power Rankings

Get it? Power!?

In the tradition of TMS' Annual Turkeydome and Superhero Food pieces, here's The Mary Sue's definitive Halloween Candy Power Rankings!

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A Meat Processing Professional Reviews Resident Evil: Retribution

A large proportion of the Umbrella Corporation budget seems to have been spent on simulated weather, and rather less on introductory courses to controlled experiments.

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Get Spoopy: 7 Comics to Get You in the Halloween, Er, Spirit

If you’re having trouble embracing the most wonderful time of the year, I’ve got some spooky comics that will help you find your Halloween spirit.

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Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch “Halloween Terror” Update

Blizzard's newly-announced Halloween Terror update for Overwatch will add a new brawl, plus new skins, emotes, weapons, and more.

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Things We Saw Today: Our First Peek at Supergirl and Superman On-Screen Together, At Last

Here's a cool pic making the rounds on social media: it's the very first official image of Superman and Supergirl together, on set while shooting the second season of The CW's Supergirl! Are you excited to see Tyler Hoechlin's rendition of the character?

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Oh Good, The Sexy Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes Are Here

Sexy Ghostbusters costumes have been marketed towards women and girls for many years now, and this Halloween will be no exception ... but one huge difference this year in particular is that the idea of a woman strapping on a proton pack has become fraught with political implications, what with the Ghostbusters reboot and all.

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Things We Saw Today: Viola Davis’ Daughter Rocked the World’s Sweetest Halloween Costume


How to get away with murder(ing my heart).

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The Rock’s Halloween Costume Makes Us Crave Some Cans of Spinach

How many cans of spinach do you think he's eaten in his lifetime?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (does it make me sound old when I type his name like that?) shared his amazingly on point costume on Instagram the other day.

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