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If You Needed Another Reason to Hate Michael Myers, This Deleted Scene Will Give You One

Michael Myers was such a monster in 'Halloween' that not even all the scenes could make it into the final cut.

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Killing Laurie in the Halloween Franchise Was Always a Bad Idea

Laurie Strode is no stranger to death. Since the character was introduced in John Carpenter's classic 1978 film Halloween, she has been killed off twice in two separate timelines and, according to Screen Rant, almost died in a third.

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It Isn’t Weird That I Can Recognize an Escape From New York Costume

Men and their obsession with what movies women know and recognize continues to infuriate me.

For the last three years, something has happened to me on Halloween that I don't understand.

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It’s Dishonest to Say Al Roker’s Halloween Costume Is Equivalent to Blackface

Al Roker dressed up as Doc Brown this Halloween, and some people wondered why it was okay for him to dress up as a white character in light of Megyn Kelly's blackface comments, which got her show canned. Ugh.

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10 Indie Horror Fiction Podcasts for a Diverse Halloween

One thing is for sure: Horror is rampant in audio. Audio horror means you don’t need a budget for special effects or costuming, but instead a focus on terrifying sound effects, lush music, and enrapturing performances. So, we're here to focus on the smaller, independent podcasts that exemplify this diverse, representative, and exploratory space whose development we're witnessing.

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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Lazy, Procrastinating Ass

So you waited til the day of Halloween, huh?

But have no fear, I've got some costume suggestions you can whip up using the items laying around your house.

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All These Good Place Halloween Costumes Feel Like Heaven

Maybe this isn't the Bad Place after all ...

We're all about cosplay all year round, and we appreciate that Halloween gets more people in on the fun, with everyone really stepping up their game. And what show took over this Halloween? NBC's The Good Place! A show that continually brings us laughs and tears, it's one of the best things the current golden age of television has to offer.

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Should Halloween Get Another Sequel?

Halloween's most recent reboot has been a huge success and with Jamie Lee Curtis saying she would return for another film if director Dave Gordon Green returned, we have to wonder what are the benefits of another sequel.

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This Clever Infinity War-Inspired Spider-Man Halloween Decoration Is TOO SOON

Kids (from one to 92) may love dressing up as superheroes for Halloween, but with a few exceptions, they're not generally the most morbid fodder for the season. Avengers: Infinity War changed that in a big way, though, and this clever Spider-Man lawn decoration has inspired both respect and ugly crying in us.

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Was 1993 the Best Year for Halloween Movies?

Thanks to Hocus Pocus; The Nightmare Before Christmas; Double, Double, Toil and Trouble; and Addams Family Values, 1993 is the year that can’t be topped for Halloween-themed movies.

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Here Are The Best Animated Villain Songs To Sing Along With On Halloween

To torment those poor, unfortunate souls who come to your door asking for candy.

The villain gets to swan about, dramatically laying out their evil plan or their motivations as the animation department kicks it into high gear on the visuals.

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These Knockoff Halloween Costumes Broke Our Spirits

Why is Mario "That Video Game Guy"?

Look, maybe it's the brand names that make Halloween costumes so expensive, and so, sometimes, we need knockoff costumes to make them more affordable—but that doesn't make them any less funny when you look at them and their packaging. Dana Schwartz asked Twitter to share their favorite knockoff costumes, and the responses made for some of the greatest comedy.

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Congratulations to Megyn Kelly, Who Just Learned Today That Blackface Is Bad

Remember when Megyn Kelly left Fox News for NBC and people wondered if she was going to change at all to fit ostensibly more liberal outlet? Here's another strong reminder that the answer to that question is and was always going to be a hearty, racist no.

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The Absolute Worst “Sexy” Halloween Costumes We Could Find

It's hard being a woman on Halloween. You might want to wear clothing that shields you from the frigid October air, but surprise! The great majority of costumes for women come in one style: "sexy," a short-skirted, low-cut version of the original costume.

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#IfAWomanDirected: Women Should Tell Stories About Women

We need a female perspective on these stories.

Twitter, in it's infinite kindness, actually started a pretty decent trend, #IfAWomanDirected, to encourage discussion about the way a female gaze would have changed some major films.

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Laurie Strode’s Legacy: Remembering Halloween Screenwriter Debra Hill

John Carpenter’s Halloween is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month, a movie co-written with his longtime producing partner Debra Hill, who died in 2005 at the age of 54. Recognized in 2003 by Women In Film for the trail she blazed for female producers in all genres, Hill said, “I hope some day there won’t be a need for Women in Film—that it will be People in Film. That it will be equal pay, equal rights and equal job opportunities for everybody.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Halloween Becoming the Biggest Horror Movie Opening With a Female Lead

Scream, queen!

Two of the most exciting milestones include biggest horror movie opening with a female lead and biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55.

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It’s a Halloween Meta-Movie Post: The Top Movies Centered Around The Making of Horror Movies

Let's take a look at the spookiest entries into the "movie within a movie" genre.

If you're looking to level up your Halloween binge-watch, get spooky with these meta-horror masterpieces.

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For Your Halloween Watching Consideration: Repo! The Genetic Opera

One of the best things about the Halloween season is that people are always exposing each other to new films related to the holiday, so for your consideration: Repo! The Genetic Opera.

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Win These Six Scary Books to Tide You Over Until Halloween

Enter to win a bundle of six spine-tingling books—THE JERSEY DEVIL, BEHIND THE DOOR, EPIDEMIC OF THE LIVING DEAD, RED HARVEST, CRUEL, and DAMNED BY THE ANCIENTS—along with a decanter and glasses for preparing your own cask of Amontillado.

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