The Mary Sue Wants Pictures Of Your Halloween Costumes!

Give 'em here or we'll TP your house!
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Some of you have already started sending us pictures of how you and your loved ones will be dressed for this weekend—such as the Facebook fan whose Wonder Woman baby, above, is basically the cutest lil’ Amazonian scrumpnugget we have ever seen. Read on to find out how you can submit your own! That’s right, this year we’re doing yet another feature highlighting the awesome costumes of you, our readers!

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To make things easier on our end, we ask you to please send your pictures (as well as how you’d like to be credited) to [email protected]  by 10am ET on Monday, November 3rd. Once we’ve all had our fill of candy and seasonally-appropriate mayhem over the weekend, we’ll post them all together in a gallery on the website for all the nerd world to see. As a bonus, here’s a throwback picture of our own Jill Pantozzi, lookin’ cute and bein’ tiny:

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