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Bratz Just Threw Some Hilarious Halloween-Themed Shade at ‘Barbie’

For the past few years, Bratz has been aiming its promotional content at those of us who grew up with the “Girls With a Passion for Fashion” rather than the little kids who might be picking up the dolls from stores.

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How have they been doing this? Well, through collaborations with fashion and makeup brands (of course), as well as a revival of their beloved TV show as a web series. Additionally, they also acknowledge Bratz lore, like posting clips from the old films. But something that fans—including myself—have become absolutely obsessed with is the way they style a doll to look like a celebrity or make short videos where iconic pop culture moments are recreated. I’ve included some of my favorite examples below.


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But Bratz doesn’t just acknowledge its past—it also acknowledges its feuds, like the one it has with their main toy competitor, Barbie.

First, Bratz announced that they were going to watch Oppenheimer rather than Barbie during the great “Barbenheimer” era. Then, Barbie audiences discovered that director and co-writer Greta Gerwig slipped four uncannily familiar Bratz faces into one scene as an Easter egg. And we mustn’t forget that the daughter who helps Barbie out during the film with her mom is literally named Sasha, just like one of the four original core Bratz dolls.

Now, Bratz has taken the feud one step further and posted their own version of said scene, with Bratz’s iconic original characters inserted into it, giving Barbie the same judgemental looks as they did in the movie. MGA Entertainment clearly isn’t worried about being sued …

Fans couldn’t believe it and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Omggg I knew it was a Bratz reference,” said one fan, while another wrote, “Y’all won the idgaf awards.” A third commented, “I was wondering how long it was going to take before you did this,” with a laughing emoji.

Though Barbie has never done anything like this, it leaves me wondering if she, or at least her makers at Mattel, will ever do the talking for her. Who knows, we might even see a ceasefire between the dolls. But with their lawsuit history, I’m not so sure we ever will.

Anyone else thinking about changing their Halloween costume now?

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