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PBS Game/Show Rightfully Touts the Portal Games As a Feminist Masterpiece

I'm about to say something that will likely make you go "Where the hell were you in 2007?" I'm only now on Level 19 of Portal.

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JRPGs Might Be Making a Comeback If We Can Agree They Don’t Have to Actually Be Japanese

Cue all the angry fans yelling that they never went away in the first place.

There sure was a whole lot of JRPG fun to be had growing up in the `90s, but times have changed, and modern kids may not know the joy of turn-based strategy and cultural references that go way over their heads. Unless, of course, JRPGs can make a comeback, and they just might if we can broaden the genre's definition a bit.

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What Does Your Favorite Video Game Genre Say About You?

A lot, but probably not as much as your Netflix recommendations. They've got you pegged.

Mario or Zelda? Plants vs. Zombies or Farmville? MMO or puzzle game? These days, there's a video game genre out there to fit everyone's tastes, but if there's a game custom tailored to hit every possible market, what does a game genre say about the players who choose to play it? PBS Game/Show has some ideas.

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Fans Overreacting About Problems With Games Might Be the Biggest Problem With Games [Video]

I wonder how many angry comments this video got from fans.

Gamers are probably one of the largest, if not the largest, demographic groups on the Internet. That ability to connect with each other has really helped video games communities grow, but it's also led to some of the most rabid fandom you can find. So everyone just chill for a minute at take a look at why sometimes too much fandom can be a bad thing.

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Let Game/Show Tell You How Virtual Worlds Are Actually Pretty Real [Video]

Especially if you're Captain N.

If the world only exists to you as signals that your body sends to your brain, then how are virtual worlds all that different from the real world? Game/Show's new episode will show you why the difference between fake reality and real reality isn't as big as people would have you believe.

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What Does The Sims Have to Do with Reality TV? Game/Show Investigates [Video]

Game/Show will tell you what The Sims and BridalPlasty have in common.

Several games in The Sims series are the best selling PC games of all time. Game/Show is curious about why, and they think it might have something to do with the reason people love reality TV. Do people just love setting up a fake reality and seeing it play out with more drama than our real reality?

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2013’s Big Gaming Changes Brought to You by Game/Show

You can get virtual fouls for real swearing in NBA 2K14, because Kinect is always listening. Creepy.

2013 was a big year for gaming with new consoles and an explosion on Internet gaming spectatorship. Now that they year is drawing to a close, Game/Show is here to recap it all for you and take a look at what it means for the future in what is absolutely not an end-of-the-year list. Nope. Just an ordered explanation of numbered facts.

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PBS Game/Show Moves Past Simply Asking if Games Are Racist and Instead Asks Why

Please note that adding an awful stereotype character does not equal adding diversity to your game.

PBS Game/Show points out racism in games and asks the more important question of why games are racist. Predominantly white characters may come from demographical misconceptions and slightly lame technical issues, but there's no excuse for the stereotype status of some racial depictions.

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Game/Show Explains That Gaming Rage Is Perfectly Normal [Video]

Take a break from punching your keyboard to find out why you do things like that.

Do you get really mad and smash your game console when you lose? If you do, at least you've got some time to kill while you wait for a new one, so why not watch PBS Game/Show explain why game rage is a normal human reaction. As it turns out, anger can even make you play better, so start throwing those controllers.

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PBS Game/Show Asks “Will There Always Be Violent Video Games?”

One of these per week really isn't enough.

We've talked a lot about violence in video games because we love video games, and well, they're violent. Instead of asking whether or not video games should be violent, host Jamin Warren looks at why they're violent. The simple answer is that games of all kinds are violent, but take a few minutes and let Jamin explain.

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Episode 2 of PBS Game/Show Looks at LET’S PLAY Video Popularity

It's about time someone explained why we love watching other people play games.

YouTube is LET'S PLAY's world, and we're just living in it. Videos of other people playing and commenting on video games are an huge part of Internet gaming culture, which is exactly the thing Game/Show wants to take a look at. We really love Game/Show.

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