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JRPGs Might Be Making a Comeback If We Can Agree They Don’t Have to Actually Be Japanese

Cue all the angry fans yelling that they never went away in the first place.


There sure was a whole lot of JRPG fun to be had growing up in the `90s, but times have changed, and modern kids may not know the joy of turn-based strategy and cultural references that go way over their heads. Unless, of course, JRPGs can make a comeback, and they just might if we can broaden the genre’s definition a bit.

Oh, by the way, the recent 3DS JRPG Bravely Default was never mentioned, even though it’s getting a huge amount of praise right now for being a great game. Although, that’s probably a sign in itself that JRPGs are in need of a comeback. It’s gotten a whole lot of critical acclaim, but it’s still flying under the radar in a way that games like Final Fantasy VII never did.

Oh well. Even if they don’t make a comeback, JRPGs are kind of a mainstay of gaming that are likely to be around for a long time, so gamers who do want to play them will probably be too busy level grinding to notice the difference.

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