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Gotham Showrunner Says Superheroes “Don’t Work Well on TV,” Forgets About CW Shows

Have you heard the news? Apparently, superheroes aren’t really suited for television. At least, that’s what Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller is saying.

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Watch Kids’ Astonished Reactions to the ‘World’s First Female MLB Player’ in Pitch

Grab the tissues.

Never in the history of Major League Baseball has a woman pitched in an official game. While we wait for such an event, Fox is exploring the groundbreaking possibility in their scripted series, Pitch.

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Doctors John Stamos and Taylor Lautner Are In (the Scream Queens Season 2 Promo)

I scream ... you scream ... WHY ARE WE ALL SCREAMING?!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a second season of Scream Queens headed your way soon and they’re bringing in some reinforcements—John Stamos and Taylor Lautner.

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Lumberjanes Film Finds Its Director in Emily Carmichael

We've been so excited about the prospect of the Lumberjanes movie, despite the fact that the film has mostly male producers and a male writer (at least on the first draft), which was a bit disappointing to hear considering the feminism of the comic series. However, we've got some great news today about Fox's choice of director for the film.

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First Look at a Big Arrival on Season 3 of Gotham


Yes, Fox's Gotham is sometimes painful, but it often surprises me just enough to keep me just interested enough to check out what happens, if only to complain about it. And it looks like Gotham City is about to get a lot more preposterous. *SPOILER WARNING IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO NEXT SEASON PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW*

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Why Is Gotham Recasting and Aging Up Poison Ivy?

As fans of this Batman prequel TV show know well, Gotham's characters are supposed to be a decade or two younger than their comic book counterparts, since the show takes place during Bruce Wayne's teenage years. Most of the actors aren't actually the right age for this, and the timeline for Gotham is definitely wonky. Nonetheless, the young actors who play Bruce, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are all actually teenagers. However, Poison Ivy is about to get a big growth spurt.

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Fox’s Pitch Gets Positive Early Reviews, Wants to Empower Young Girls

The show visits the idea of the first woman to play in Major League Baseball.

Co-stars Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar expressed a need for this type of storytelling in terms of the impact it can have on young viewers.

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6 Upcoming Female-Driven Shows I’m Already Hyped For

Time travelers and detectives and angels, oh my!

Here are the fall and midseason premieres I'm eagerly anticipating. What about you?

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Mulder and Scully May Return in New X-Files Miniseries Next Year

Thanks to VOD, the return of the X-Files last year was second only to Empire as the most-watched VOD program on FOX, and was one of the most-watched series on the network overall. Now, it seems that FOX is optimistic about a second miniseries for next year.

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Sleepy Hollow Renewed for Fourth Season Despite Everything

Fox announced today that Sleepy Hollow will be returning for a fourth season. Browsing social media, the general reaction appears to be one of skepticism, anger, and confusion.

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On Fox’s TV Adaptation of Lucifer, Free Will and Radical Consent

When Fox announced their plans for a TV adaptation of DC Comics' Lucifer, the American Family Association started a petition in an attempt to prevent the show from ever airing. Here's why I don't think Lucifer is a bad influence ... and even conservatives might agree with me on this one.

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Let the Women of Party Over Here‘s Mansplaining Hotline Be Stupid So You Don’t Have to Be

One of our favorite new shows is FOX's late-night sketch show Party Over Here! Executive Produced by The Lonely Island and starring Nicole Byer, Jessica McKenna, and Alison Rich, the show is an awesome blend of pre-filmed sketches and bits filmed in front of a live audience. In Saturday's episode, the women of Party Over Here took on mansplaining in an amazing way.

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The O.C. Coming to Hulu, Plus Smallville and More

California here we come...

For fans of televised teenage drama, we've got some good news for you: all four seasons of the Fox hit show The O.C. will be streaming on Hulu very soon.

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Gotham Renewed by Fox, Hopefully Third Time’s the Charm

Fox's entertainment president David Madden said in a press release that Gotham's actors "brought the show to life" and helped redefine "iconic characters for a new generation."

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Geena Davis Cast as Lead in Fox’s The Exorcist

Geena Davis will have a starring role in Fox's "modern reinvention" of William Blatty's 1971 book, The Exorcist.

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Hi-Ho Silver Lining! 6 Lessons Hollywood Can (Hopefully) Learn from the Success of Deadpool

As a writer who has seen less likely things come to pass and who still has a shred of optimism in his black cynical heart, I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of lessons that Hollywood in general can and should take away from the Merc with the Mouth’s solo success.

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The X-Files Miniseries Review: Episode 6, “My Struggle II”


"My Struggle II" brings Scully's story towards some resolution--but the rest of the episode is too messy for it to really make an impact.

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In These X-Files Sneak Peeks From Monday’s Finale, Mulder’s Missing

And Scully is ON IT.

The final episode is airing tomorrow, and Fox has released a couple teasers in advance. Turns out Tad O'Malley is back after his earlier appearance in "My Struggle", and in "My Struggle II" he's on the air again with a seemingly outrageous claim.

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A Video Run-Down of 100 Easter Eggs and References in Deadpool

Deadpool is full of referential humor, so Mr. Sunday Movies has put together a list of 100+ Easter eggs and inside jokes from the movie to help fans keep track of what's what.

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The Lord of Hell Went to a Pick-Up Artist Convention on Last Night’s Lucifer

The Road to Hell is paved with negging.

I've admittedly not been keeping up with Lucifer, Fox's crime dramedy loosely based on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, but some thematic elements from the newest episode have...caught my attention, to say the least.

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