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New Clip for X-Men TV Spin-Off The Gifted Showcases Mutant Powers and Adolescent Angst

The Gifted will follow a family on the run after the children are found to be mutants, and a new clip shows the kids experimenting with their newfound abilities.

The upcoming Fox drama (produced in association with Marvel TV) comes from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix, who has assembled quite the genre-friendly family: Reed Strucker will be played by True Blood‘s dreamy vamp Stephen Moyer, with Angel‘s Amy Acker in the role of his wife Kate. (Nix has said of Acker’s character: “Over the course of the show I really love the idea of showing the evolution of a suburban mom into an underground warrior,” and I am here for that.)

The Struckers take off with their children Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) to keep them safe in a mutant-unfriendly world. The show’s tagline is “family is the ultimate power.” (Any relation to Baron Strucker? Because that would give the “family” a whole other layer here.)

In the clip above, both Lauren and Andy appear to have telekinetic abilities—but Andy’s may prove a good deal more volatile, as he grapples with memories of harsh bullying.

We’ll also be meeting comics-established X-Men like Blink (Jamie Chung), Polaris (Emma Dumont), Shatter (Jermaine Rivers), Thunderbird (Blair Redford), and Eclipse (Sean Teale) as recurring characters, and Wikipedia lists a guest appearance by Emma Satine as [Beautiful] Dreamer.

In an interview with CNET in January, Nix described his vision for the show:

It’s a story that definitely comes at the world of mutants from the side. … The movies and the comics have generally started with the X-Men and encountered the world outside from the perspective of the X-Men. This show flips that on its head, in the sense that it doesn’t exclusively take place inside the world of people who are already X-Men and know that world. … It’s also, I’d say, a more intimate story, in the sense that’s what television does well. So I’d say it also explores issues surrounding mutants and what that experience is in a way that’s hard to do in a two-hour movie because [a movie] needs to move very quickly and needs to get to big action.

The Gifted has a 10-episode run beginning October 2. Will you be watching?

(via Syfy, image: Fox)

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