You Wanted Batman? FINE. Gotham is Giving You Batman, Okay?!

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I have a hate-love relationship with Gotham, in that I hated it after the pilot, but as it has leaned into what makes it, pardon the pun, bat-shit, it’s become a much more enjoyable show. However, there’s one complaint about it that has dogged it since the very beginning. How do you have a Batman show without Batman? Well, they’re doing Batman now. You happy?

Gotham has already been pressing the fast-forward button on a lot of the hero and villain development in its most recent season. Edward Nygma has gone full-on Riddler after two seasons of talking it over with the voice in his head.

Selina Kyle was pushed out a window and has lived to tell the tale … but not before lying injured on the ground and being surrounded by stray cats Michelle Pfeiffer-style. Now, it looks like Tabitha is going to be responsible for shaping her into the anti-hero soon-to-be-known-as Catwoman. Or, at least she’ll be responsible for her skills with a whip.

And yes, widdle Bruce Wayne has been heading down the path toward becoming the Dark Knight this season, culminating in his encounter with Ra’s al Ghul (played by Alexander Siddig) in its final episodes.

Batman himself, David Mazouz, spoke with TV Guide during the TCA summer press tour and said, “[Bruce is] really going to be devoting all of his time and all of his energy [to fighting crime]. His purpose at the beginning of Season 4 is going to be training.”

Meanwhile, Siddig told TV Guide that his Ra’s will be responsible for quashing any remnants of innocence Bruce has left, which will push him closer to becoming the Bat. And according to SyFy Wire, “there will be differences between young Bruce’s views of being a vigilante and those of the Batman we all know and love.”

So yes, Season 4 of Gotham will be all about Bruce evolving into Batman.

I was a huge fan of Caprica (the prequel series of Battlestar Galactica that me and four other people watched back in 2010), and I was perfectly happy with the slow pace Gotham was taking in revealing certain characters, or having them take the form with which they’re familiar. It’s always bugged me a bit when people, re: Caprica, would complain asking where the cylons are (it takes place before the cylons were invented, people!), and while there’s plenty to complain about re: Gotham if you’re going to complain about it, it’s always irked me that people were annoyed by the fact that there wasn’t enough Batman.

I wanted to scream: You’re right! There IS no Batman. Because it’s a Batman prequel show. There not being a Batman is kinda the ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW. IT’S LIKE WONDERING WHERE LUKE SKYWALKER IS IN ‘ROGUE ONE.’

Now, rather than saving the evolution of Batman for the end of the series, it’s becoming a main part of the series. I’m sure I’ll watch it and enjoy it (or maybe I won’t), but I also would’ve enjoyed a more creative, slower burn.

Still, for all of you who wanted your Dark Knight rightnow, he’s on his way. Happy now?

Season 4 of Gotham premieres September 21st.

(via SyFyWire, image: Jeff Neumann/FOX)

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