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Astronomers to Harness the Power of Online Gamers to Help Search for Exoplanets

By pouring Mountain Dew on telescopes?

You might have heard yesterday that NASA announced the discovery of an entire new star system of Earth-size planets not too far away (in astronomical terms), but the search for planets outside our own solar system still has plenty of room for help, as every passing year just makes it seem like more are out there to be found. So, astronomers are turning to an incredibly dedicated, tireless resource for help: gamers.

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Things We Saw Today: Hogwarts House Skater Dresses

5 points to everyone! EVERYONE!

The perfect attire for your next weekend in Hogsmeade.

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Largest Ever EVE Online MMO Battle Breaks out Over Unpaid Virtual Space-Rent

Space is dangerous. On Earth, I just get angry phone calls when I forget my rent.

Outer space is dangerous—even in video games. A record breaking player vs. player war broke out in the game EVE Online yesterday, because someone forgot to pay rent on their space station. Yeah, well, some of us can't even afford a space station to fight over, especially when it reportedly costs the equivalent of $300,000 in battle damage.

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EVE Online Features Biggest Space Battle Yet as 4,000 Players Clash

Star wars... what are they good for?

Yesterday, two fleets of starships waged the biggest battle in history, and it might only be the beginning of the war. Massively multiplayer online space simulator EVE Online saw thousands of players engage in a titanic struggle over a strategically insignificant star system called 6VDT.

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US Official Killed in Libya Was Major EVE Online Player Vile Rat

Yesterday, September 11th, armed men raided the United States consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. Ostensibly, this was in protest to a film with anti-Islamic views, but violent behavior is violent behavior. Though reports seem to conflict each other, it has definitely been confirmed that one of the casualties was none other than Sean Smith -- the man behind Vile Rat, a well-known EVE Online diplomat.

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Players’ Attempt to Destroy EVE Online Economy Gets Thumbs-Up From Developers UPDATED

In-game economies are one of the more fascinating aspects of multiplayer games, and one of the most complex would probably be the space-themed MMO EVE Online. Now, some players are leading an all-out assault on the Jita system, the largest trading hub in the game, in an attempt to destroy EVE's economy. In response to this existential threat, the game's developer CCP says: Have at it.

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Vampire: The Masquerade MMORPG is Go

CCPGames, the makers of Eve Online, have announced their next MMO project, and it's one that's going to make a lot of my college buddies simultaneously very happy and very worried about their future productivity. That's because their next project, World of Darkness, is going to be set in the universe of White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade, and it's going to "focus on player politics and social interaction." The teaser trailer (below) gives us no hints yet on whether the game will involve rock-paper-scissors.

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Geekolinks: 9/19

EVE Online Player Steals $45,000 In In-game Coup

There have been many effects of Eve Online's decision to deal a large blow to the black market for their in-game currency by essentially making it purchasable for real money. The one that we like the most, however, is that it is now really easy to quantify actions in Eve Online to people who don't play the game. Case in point: In-game business machinations have lead to a player known as Bad Bobby walking away from a gutted in-game corporation with items worth $45,000. And it was all game legal.

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Ingame EVE Online Raid Destroys $1,295 of Real Money

EVE Online, the space-faring MMORPG that can be affectionately described as the prettiest economic simulation in the world, has set a weird sort of record for itself this week when a couple players became the first to destroy some in-game items that could otherwise have been redeemed for over $1,000 worth of game time.  You see, a month ago, EVE Online allowed an in-game item that can be used to pay your real life EVE subscription fees to be transportable as ship's cargo.  Anything that is transportable on a ship can be stolen, or destroyed. Wait, you say, what?  I... uh.  Why? It's the future now.  Allow us to explain.

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