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Things We Saw Today: Get Ready to Fly The Trenches in Star Wars: Battlefront Death Star DLC

The new Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC is on the way, but here's a trailer to tide you over until September 20.

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Things We Saw Today: Pokébutt Bookmarks Adorably Save Your Place in a Book

Check out these Pokémon-themed bookmarks, which are basically Pokémon butts that stick out of your book.

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You Can Pretend to Be Hagrid With These Amazing Harry Potter Model Miniatures

So, like, we all have that one friend who loves all the cute, tiny things, right?

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The Mary Sue Poetry Contest: SpaceBling’s New Horizons Jewelry and Pluto Flyby Accessories

In celebration of NASA's New Horizons Pluto Flyby, awesome Etsy shop SpaceBling is debuting its Pluto flyby jewelry and New Horizons fashion accessory line, and offering some of their space swag up to TMS readers!

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Things We Saw Today: Studio Ghibli Umbrellas Change Patterns When Wet; Will Also Change Your Life

When it rains...MORE TOTOROS!

Check out this awesome Totoro umbrella! One of several Studio Ghibli umbrellas available in Japan that change patterns when wet.

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Incredible Furiosa the Riveter Print Is a Reminder We Can Do It

A perfect gift for the misogynist(s) in your life.

Oh, what a lovely day! Artist Tim Odland is selling impera-tastic signed Rosie the Riveter prints over on Etsy for $30, and I'm extremely tempted to order one for whenever I need a little inspiration.

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Things We Saw Today: Anna Kendrick Wrecks James Corden in The Late Late Show‘s Own Riff-Off

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Oh, Anna Kendrick. You're fresh off your recent Pitch Perfect 2 premiere, and here you come to destroy James Corden in the worst way.

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Things We Saw Today: Stephen Merchant Is Dirrty. Real Dirrty.

Chaps and booty shorts ahead. You've been warned.

Listen, we all saw this coming. When Lip Sync Battle was announced, it was obvious to all of us that Stephen Merchant was going to become a regular fixture. Not only that, but we all knew that he was going to be a hilarious fixture. Like those crazy things on the walls at Chili's. Woo! An alligator with sunglasses. Ha.

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You Can Get Your Name On A Pendant In Gallifreyan


You don’t have to travel through space and time to see your name in the ancient language of the Time Lords. You can just check out the online shop for Washington State artists and BFFs Illyana and Kristen.

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Things We Saw Today: A Marauders Pendant With Which To Manage Your Mischief

It is a generally tried and true rule that I will want to throw my money at anything marauders-related, but that is especially true when we're talking a pendant that seems to hold a teeny-tiny Marauder's Map all folded up inside. (via Fashionably Geek)

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The Most Beautiful TARDIS Ring In The Universe, Plus Other Amazing Nerd Bling

Anyone got a billion dollars I can borrow?

Who says Star Wars or Doctor Who can't be high class and expensive? Not designer Drew Rummell, who sells his ware on Etsy under the name of DTEK Designs and at Glassman and Hanson Jewelry in Denver, Colorado. Most of these will run you at least $1,000—even more if you select the "platinum" option—but it's totally worth it for a lightsaber ring encrusted with real emeralds or a diamond adorned Serenity pendant, right?

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The Superhero Hoodies We Deserve are Now Available on Etsy for a Limited Time

Face it, tiger... we just hit the jackpot!

CoyotePopClothing's handmade-to-order superhero hoodies are 100% polyester, come in sizes XS-3XL, and are only available for a limited time (suspected closing date is January 23rd).

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The Cutest Thing From Guardians of the Galaxy Already Has An Item On Etsy

We are Groot!

We don't want to spoil anyone who's yet to see the film but we will say the item involves Groot. Put on your cute safety glasses please!

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These Game of Thrones Rabbit Figurines Make Us Hopping Mad

They'll kill you with their nasty, pointy teeth.

Hopping mad that we don't own them, that is.

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Studio Ghibli Themed Hoodies Perfect for Your Over Air-Conditioned Summer Office

I mean, not that you're trying to get the thermostat turned up or anything.

Rarity's Boutique has three new hoodies featuring characters from Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away!

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Things We Saw Today: The New Neighborhood Watch Is Very Intimidating

Beware, goomba prowlers!

Andrew Lam uses wheatpaste to nerd-ify neighborhood watch signs in Ontario, Canada. The citizens of Toronto must rest easier knowing they're watched over by Robocop, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other defenders of the night. (via Uproxx)

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Tortoises Nude No More Thanks to Neat Knitted Cozies

Do Try This At Home

On Katie Bradley's blog, she says that she sort of stumbled into the rescue and rehabilitation of tortoises, but a dozen domed friends later, she's hooked. And in her spare time she uses a crochet hook to make little cozies for them, selling them (and patterns for those enterprising friends of tortoises who are lucky enough to have opposable thumbs) on Etsy with a portion of the proceeds going towards International Reptile Rescue.

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Hydra Ain’t Got Nothing on These Plush Avengers Octopuses


Loktopus grasped his tiny staff in one nimble arm and with another took a second look at the bar napkin from last night before the ink floated away.
Step 1: Turn self and Avengers into octopuses. Step 2: ??? Step 3: ALL WILL KNEEL
More Avengers octopi at Cydarizard, for purchase here.

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Scientifically Accurate Cross Stitched Microbes Perfect for Home Decor

Alicia Watkins cross stitches enormous microbes on to tiny little hoops. Hang botulism in your kitchen, to remind you to wash your hands after handling meat, or in your bathroom above the sink, after making sure it's framed in such a way that the humidity of the room won't damage her workmanship sorry was that dropping too much cross stitch knowledge on you I'll stop.

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