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Things We Saw Today: Anna Kendrick Wrecks James Corden in The Late Late Show‘s Own Riff-Off

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Oh, Anna Kendrick. You’re fresh off your recent Pitch Perfect 2 premiere, and here you come to destroy James Corden in the worst way. This riff-off on The Late Late Show is fantastic, with Kendrick and Corden backed by The Filharmonic, a Filipino-American a capella group. (via The Daily Dot)

  • Cult classic The Last Starfighter has had sequel rumors floating around for quite a while. Now, its screenwriter, Jonathan R. Betuel has stoked the fire, refuting Seth Rogen’s earlier claim that Betuel was in the way of securing rights to the story. (via Spinoff Online)

This alternate reality commercial shows just how… uh, responsible InGen has become in these intervening years. I feel safer just watching it. Really.

  • If you, like me, constantly feel the need to express yourself through carefully selected animated images sourced from the Internet, then you should look into installing the Giphy for Gmail Chrome extension. It lets you easily add any GIFs from Giphy’s massive collection to your e-mails. To my fellow TMS staffers: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. (via Gizmodo)
  • Amy Ratcliffe over at The Nerdist has a neat review of the new Star Wars restaurant that’s only open for Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Younger me is freaking out at the prospect of finally being able to drink some blue milk.

dark unicorn headdress

Finally, just check out this hella detailed unicorn headdress. It’s up on idolatre’s Etsy shop, and while it is a little pricey, when you look at all the beautiful details, it makes a little more sense. There’s also a ton of other fancy headdresses if unicorns aren’t your thing. (via Fashionably Geek and e-mail tipster)

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