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More Women Come Forward With Stories of Dustin Hoffman’s Sexual Misconduct

The Hollywood Reporter  and Variety shared the accounts of several other women who claim Hoffman harassed them, all of which "have been corroborated by friends and family member in whom the women confided their experience over the years."

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Another Woman Has Come Forward Accusing Dustin Hoffman of Sexual Harassment, Assault

Kathryn Rossetter describes the nightly abuse she experienced while working with Hoffman in the 1984 revival of Death of a Salesman.

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If You Don’t Wanna Help, Your Only Job Is to Shut Up: How Bros Like Michael Rapaport and Ron Perlman Ruin Progress

I can't even with hypocrites who stand in the way of people who are actually trying change how things are done. I can't even with Michael Rapaport and Ron Perlman.

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Dustin Hoffman’s Defensive Chat With John Oliver About Harassment Allegations Only Made Things Worse

John Oliver moderated a 20th-anniversary panel for Wag the Dog last night at a screening, and he didn't let the otherwise light tone of the event prevent him from addressing the elephant in the room. Anna Graham Hunter has said that Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed when she was 17, on the Death of a Salesman set, and Wendy Riss Gatsiounis says Hoffman harassed her in 1991. Oliver was not impressed with Hoffman's response.

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Hollywood Is Full of Creeps We’d Like to Boycott. Where Do You Draw Your Own Lines & Why?

We're not villains for not knowing where the lines are, but we're a lot worse if we use that as an excuse to push these issues out of our minds.

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The Mary Sue’s Most Looked At Posts of 2013

The Mary Sue

On Tuesday we showed you our most commented on articles of 2013. It was a post full of the most contentious subjects in geekdom today: online and convention harassment, white washing, and, of course, the casting of Wonder Woman in a major movie adaptation. But chatter is only one way to know that a post grabbed a lot of attention. There's also views! So here are our 2013 posts that were seen by the most eyeballs. Your eyeballs.

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Superhero Movie News Overload? Lets Talk About an Adorable Roald Dahl Adaptation


Not only is it an adaptation of an adorable Roald Dahl short story, it's also just acquired two adorable lead actors, Dustin Hoffman and Judi Dench.

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Dressing Like A Woman Made Dustin Hoffman Realize He’d Been Brainwashed [VIDEO]

A Lesson in Humility

In this interview with AFI archives from late 2012, actor Dustin Hoffman remembers the initial planning for Tootsie, the film in which his character disguises himself as a woman for a job. It was the first makeup test which led Hoffman to break down in tears over a huge revelation about men and women in our society. Take a look. (via It's Walky) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Kung Fu Panda Gets Surreal: Charlie Kaufman Doing Rewrites on Script

Charlie Kaufman is one of the most respected screenwriters in the business. His screenplays, from Being John Malkovich to Synecdoche, New York, are some of the most original, intriguing works to hit the screen in years. That's why many film fans are a little surprised to read the news from the Hollywood Reporter that Kaufman has been doing touch ups on the script for the sequel to a movie starring Jack Black as a chubby panda who knows karate. That's right, Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom just got a hell of a lot more surreal.

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Disturbing New Movement: Taking The Awesome Out Of Science Fiction Movies

Apparently there's a budding movement to make science fiction movies less awesome. Imagine watching your favorite space battles on the big screen WITH NO SOUND.  +1 for scientific accuracy, -100 for awesomeness. Sidney Perkowitz, a physics Professor at Emory University, and The Science and Entertainment Exchange have proposed a set of guidelines holding science fiction movies to more rigid standards of scientific accuracy. The prime directive of Perkowitz and Co. is that only one law of physics should be broken per movie:

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