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Disney XD Shares DuckTales Release Date in Cutest Reveal Livestream Yet

Love reacts only.

Disney XD opted to share the release date of their new upcoming highly-anticipated DuckTales reboot by way of placing a bunch of ducklings in three different little "pools" and having us all watch them waddle around.

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Things We Saw Today: Rebecca Sugar Sings “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue),” and We All Feel Feelings Forever

Here's a really delightful performance of "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)" from none other than Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

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Blathering Blatherskite! Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins DuckTales as Gizmoduck

If you didn't think Disney XD's DuckTales could get any better, you were wrong.

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First Trailer for Disney XD’s DuckTales Is Exactly as Awesome as You’d Hope

"You're finally gonna sell us." - Louie

I was already filled with unreasonable amounts of glee when Disney XD released this video of the stars of their DuckTales reboot singing the iconic theme song, but I was not prepared for the joy brought about by the first trailer for the new show, which premieres this summer. Check it out above!

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This Video of the DuckTales Reboot Cast Singing the Show’s Theme Is Driving Me Quackers, Let Me Tell You

Stars. Stars everywhere.

Disney XD unveiled the DuckTales reboot voice cast lineup by having them sing the show's theme. Includes: David Tennant, Kate Micucci, Danny Pudi, and more.

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DuckTales Reboot Teaser: The Premiere Lurks Behind You

2017 is going to be a duck blur.

It's only 15 seconds long, but it's enough.

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Things We Saw Today: Sam Neill Joins Thor: Ragnarok

While Sam Neill's involvement in any upcoming Jurassic projects is as of yet unconfirmed, the actor did let it slip that he'll be participating in another big franchise--namely, the MCU.

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PSA: Hey, Kids! Don’t Play Pokemon Go in These Places, Okay?

"Oak's words echoed... 'There's a time and place for everything, but not now.'"

Because we here at The Mary Sue are so safety-minded, and because we care about you a lot, we'd like to go ahead and suggest a few places where you probably shouldn't play Pokemon Go.

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D-D-D-Danger, Look Behind You: New DuckTales Coming to Disney XD

Listen: I know we're reaching peak "remake" with all these re-imagined franchises popping back up. It's almost like Dawn of the Dead featuring childhood cartoons. But in the case of this brand new DuckTales, I've actually got... some bit of hope.

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Fresh, Hot Internet: Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Video with the DuckTales Theme Song

Shouldn't this be "Bills, Bills, Bills"?

I think this video speaks for itself.

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Prepare for a Theme Song Showdown: Disney Launching New DuckTales, Netflix Picks Up Inspector Gadget

No it's too late they're both STUCK IN MY HEAD AT ONCE.

Pictured above: the primary factor that convinced Disney to embark on this new project. Err, the primary factors, I suppose. Such shiny, shiny factors.

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Listen To Metal Cover Of Duck Tales Theme Song, Suddenly Get Way Cooler


More like Give-No-F***sburg, am I right?

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Things Are Looking Up in the World: Here’s the DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks (& Ducklings!)


Oh My Disney has done something wonderful for our collective psyches. It's the DuckTales theme song but with real, adorable little duckies. Just what we needed.

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The DuckTales Slow Jam You Never Knew You Wanted

i'll just leave this here

Oh my goodness. I usually don't put "sexy" and "late '80s cartoon" in the same sentence unless I'm describing unfortunate Google image search results, but this is downright smokin'. Let's hear it for Saturday Morning Slow Jams. Take it away, POW!GRL.

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There’s an Entire Concept Album About the Life of Scrooge McDuck

And probably about how his life is like a hurricane.

When Finnish prog-metal keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish decided to make his solo album debut, he probably did some deep soul searching and quiet contemplating on what he needed to express to the world. Then, he landed squarely on, "People need to know about the life and times of Scrooge McDuck." You know what? He wasn't wrong.

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Things We Saw Today: Genderswap Hobbit Cast At DragonCon

Things We Saw Today

Just the other day we saw a fabulous genderswap Bilbo Baggins, today more folks from The Hobbit getting the Rule 63 treatment at DragonCon! (via Amy Ratcliffe)

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Sing The Praises of Duct Tape to the Tune of DuckTales [Video]

Screw gold, let's dive into a giant pool of duct tape.

I will basically forgive any excuse to sing the Duck Tales song and the Warp Zone's clearly got my back here. Their most recent Youtube parody uses the melody of the decidedly rad late '80s cartoon theme tune to talk about the favorite tool of the tragically un-handy: duct tape. As you'd expect, it's incredibly silly.

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There’s Going To Be A New DuckTales Video Game. We Already Have A Trailer. WOO-OO!

And Fansplosions Abound

My Friday, you have been made. When I posted a link to a story out of PAX East earlier today that Capcom was bringing DuckTales back, I had no idea a trailer was already set to premiere. Here it is in all its glory. Now how about some gameplay? We've got footage from PAX East's Twitch Livestream of DuckTales: Remastered after the jump!

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Capcom Announces DuckTales Remastered at PAX East

Ever see DuckTales? The 1987 cartoon or the '89 Nintendo game made by Capcom, doesn't matter which. The show was fun, and as for the game, what's not to like about controlling the pluckiest, richest, and most self-assured duck in the world who bounds about his world on his cane as well as any? Well, it's coming back! Capcom announced Duck Tales Remastered at PAX East, and it's set to launch this summer on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Wii U eShop.

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The Most Surprisingly Awesome Licensed Video Games

Over the years, video games licensed from other mediums have slowly slid into a sort of batting slump where anything licensed from something -- like comics, for example -- is immediately assumed to be terrible. At least, that was the prevalent attitude until games like Batman: Arkham Asylum came back on the market and destroyed those expectations. It’s not like said expectations didn’t have a foundation in truth. Superman 64 is often mentioned in the same breath as “worst game ever,” among other more unfriendly phrases. So, considering that the sequel to the best Batman game ever made is coming, it’s time to take a look at licensed games that, unlikely as it might seem, were and -- still are -- awesome.

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