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Things We Saw Today: Cat Hospital Is the Soap Opera We All Need

Nurse Mittens, you homewrecker!

This video's great if only for the catastrophically terrible (read: great) puns that are littered throughout. Meow.

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Hacker Creates Flying “Zombie Drones,” May Have Been Reading Our Nightmare Journals

Someone should tell Amazon and UPS that you have to destroy the head.

If there are two things that scare the bejeezus out of us, they're zombie apocalypses and evil robot apocalypses. It was only a matter of time before someone combined them into the perfect geek terror machine, and that someone is hacker Samy Kamkar. Kamkar has equipped a flying drone with the ability to turn nearby drones into its zombie slaves.

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Australian Company Flirtey Making Unmanned Aerial Textbook Delivery a Reality

In the future, there is no excuse for not doing your homework.

Australian startup Flirtey is pioneering the future of dropping knowledge with unmanned textbook delivery drones. Patience will be a thing of the past when you can get anything you want delivered the very same day by a robot that flies straight to your smartphone's location.

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So Now You Can Use An Oculus Rift To Pilot A Drone, Apparently

Is there anything you can't do with a drone? Don't answer that.

The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is still in development mode and won't be fully compatible with your favorite video games for some time. That doesn't mean, of course, that people aren't excited for all the potential the rift has to offer -- including Intuitive Aerial, a group that hooked one of these suckers up to a drone and let it loose in the sky.

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Colorado Town Could Soon See Residents Collecting Unmanned Drone Bounties

Soon to be a reason to visit Colorado aside from gorgeous views and legal weed.

The adorable-sounding town of Deer Trail, Colorado, has drafted an ordinance to create hunting licenses specific to drones and put a bounty on downed UAVs. While the townsfolk haven't actually seen a drone flying over town yet, they really seem to be against the whole principle of the thing.

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Apple Rejects App That Tracks Drone Strikes Over Objectionable Content

The idea of using an app on the iPhone to aggregate the various unmanned drone strikes that the United States takes part in is kind of impressive. Using the iPhone's specific ability to push notifications to users when each drone strike happens? Brilliant. That's what Drones+ does -- which isn't all that dissimilar from traditional news offerings, as it's the same information presented in a different way. Not according to Apple, though, as they have rejected the app due to the objectionable content found within.

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College Professor Hacks UAV Guidance System With Under $1,000 Worth of Equipment

If you've been worried about the number of law enforcement agencies that want to use drones to surveil the domestic populace, then here's one more thing to freak out about: They are pathetically easy to hijack. In fact, a determined individual can do it with less than $1,000 worth of equipment.

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Iran Claims to Have Cracked Captured Drone’s Database

Back in December, members of the Iranian military announced that they had downed and captured U.S. RQ-170 drone flying in or near Iran's airspace. Iranian officials went on to proclaim their intent to reverse-engineer the drone, and build their own version of the unmanned aerial vehicle. Now, it seems that they may have made some progress, as an Iranian military spokesman claims to have cracked the drone's database.

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Iran Reveals Downed U.S. Drone, Vows to Reverse Engineer It

Rumor became reality yesterday when the Iranian military unveiled the downed US RQ-170 drone on national television. According to Press TV, the Iranian authority, "[...] has announced that it intends to carry out reverse engineering on the captured RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft." Which is an interesting statement, because instead of being covert about reverse engineering, they're coming out and saying exactly what US officials are probably most concerned about. Read on after the break for a look at the secret US drone, and some a very interesting artistic interpretation of the American flag.

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Keylogger Virus Found on Drone Pilots' Computers

A recent story in Wired claims that the operators of the Reaper and Predator drone fleets are struggling against an enemy we can all relate to: Malware. According to the story's sources, which are unnamed, the computers used to remotely control drones around the world have been infected with a nasty keylogger that is resisting efforts to destroy it. If the article's sources can be believed, the problem is centered around a drone control facility at Nevada's Creech Air Force Base. Pilots on the base use computers to fly drones on missions in Pakistan, Afganistan, and around the world. With more and more missions being flown by these armed robotic aircraft, facilities like Creech have become hubs of activity for reconnaissance and more lethal operations. For security purposes, the computers on the base are not connected to the Internet in order to avoid any chance they could become infected. However, the Creech facility was one of the few places the Department of Defense (DoD) allowed USB flash drives to be used in order to transfer mission data between computers. It's believed that this special allowance was the point of entry for the keylogger virus, though its not clear if it was intentionally placed on the infected computers. This is, obviously, bad news for the Air Force, but it might not be as horrific as it seems.

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