Things We Saw Today: Cat Hospital Is the Soap Opera We All Need

Nurse Mittens, you homewrecker!
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I wasn’t sure I needed to visit a hospital completely run by cats until I saw this soap opera parody. Now it’s made my bucket list. This video’s great if only for the catastrophically terrible (read: great) puns that are littered throughout. Meow. (via AV Club)

  • Speaking of cats in adorable costumes doing jobs, the Kishi train station in Japan has appointed a successor to Tama, the stationmaster cat who passed away some time ago. The new cat, Nitama (get it?) was sworn in today and… well, just look at that photo. (via The Telegraph)
  • Into radio plays and audiobooks? Are you also into Star Wars (who isn’t)? Then you’ve got a treat coming your way in Humble Bundle’s original Star Wars radio drama collection. If you pay above the average price ($12.66 as of this writing), you even get some old-EU audiobooks, too! Proceeds go to charity, of course. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Speaking of being a superhero, Barry Craig duct taped a Superman figurine to his drone and flew it over Victoria Park. Come on. That’s what you all want to do with a drone, isn’t it? Thought so. (via BoingBoing)

  • Fantastic Four has had an incredibly rocky opening peppered with drama and criticisms. But the most fascinating part of all that are the news bits coming out about “what could have been.” Check out this really moody, atmospheric concept art that somehow didn’t make the cut. (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Ludum Dare’s most recent game jam, themed “You Are the Monster,” turned out a fantastic example of what it is to be a monster in Everyday Misanthrope. It’s essentially an RPG where you spend your entire day being the worst possible human you can be with the most passive-aggressive (or aggressive-aggressive) actions and choices. Then, at the end, you have to read through the stories and lives of the people whose lives you’ve, well, ruined. Heavy. (via BoingBoing)

Paging Dr. Whiskers. Dr. Whiskers, you’re needed in the Intensive Cuddles Unit. What else did you fine folks see today?

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