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“Struggle and Pain Is Real”: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Opens Up About His Teen Depression

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's powerful statement about depression brought the internet together. "You’re not alone." 

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Why Don’t We Have Universal Mental Health Screenings for Young People?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has now issued updated guidelines aiming to combat depression in adolescents. Their suggestion: universal annual screenings for depression, starting at age 12.

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An Open Letter to My Teenage Self About Her Depression

A guest post from Melissa Jane Osborne, author of The Wendy Project.

What I can tell you is you are loved. I know you don’t want to hear that, but you are. That thing you despise about yourself—that over sensitivity—will be your gift.

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These Brilliant Comics About Anxiety Are Everything

Dave, a 23-year-old artist on Tumblr, creates comics that portray the human condition through deceptively simple lines and highly relatable animals. His work has become so popular that people are getting the drawings as tattoos.

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How Watching “Shelter” Every Day Helped Me Fight Depression

Maybe it can help you, too.

I don’t watch Shelter once every day for answers. I watch it because it reminds me not to quit.

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How Switched at Birth Is Mishandling Its Depression Storyline

We’re supposed to be dealing with a mental health storyline, and it’s seemingly been forgotten as quickly as it was introduced.

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Logging Offline Helped Me Conquer a Major Depressive Episode

I saw the world that despite my efforts, I couldn’t be a part of—which just reinforced the thinking that perpetuated my depression.

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The Edge of Seventeen Invalidates Teenage Depression, and That’s Not Okay

2 out of 5 stars.

The Edge of Seventeen refuses to fully validate Nadine’s obvious clinical depression at every turn.

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Die, Anxiety, Die! How Violent Video Games Aid My Mental Health

Ah, the soothing joy of a well-executed headshot.

Just because you’re on medication doesn’t mean the anxiety is 1000% gone. There is still residual anxiety that hangs out and likes to rear its ugly head. That’s where I discovered the joys and pleasures of the violent video game.

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Science Says, If You Like Instagram’s ‘Inkwell’ Filter, You Might Have Depression

Can you tell whether someone has depression just from looking at their social media accounts? According to scientists from Harvard University and the University of Vermont, there are some telltale patterns.

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BoJack Horseman‘s Diane Is the Face of Situational Depression

"Why is it so...daytime right now?"

At first, Diane, who’s been hired to ghostwrite BoJack’s autobiography, looks to be the sanest person in the room. Throughout season two, though, Diane’s relative contentment begins to crumble. And it’s then that we catch a glimpse of what might be TV’s best depiction of short-term depression.

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It’s Super Effective: Players Say Pokémon Go Helps Their Mental Health

Get up and go catch 'em all.

According to some folks, Pokémon Go has helped their mental health by enabling them to go outside and walk around a bit, which is a fairly effective method of dealing with the negative effects that come with depressive bouts.

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Chris Evans, Kristen Bell Open Up About Their Struggles With Anxiety and Depression

Although actors Chris Evans and Kristen Bell are primarily making headlines these days by promoting their respective films--Captain America: Civil War and Bad Moms--they're also both taking the opportunity to open up about their individual personal struggles and the impact that living with anxiety and depression has had on their careers.

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Legends of Tomorrow‘s Wentworth Miller Talks His History of Depression After Hateful Meme

After starring on the hit FOX show, Prison Break, actor Wentworth Miller went through severe depression, which is why he kind of disappeared from public life in 2010. He's since talked about his depression, but late yesterday he was prompted to again after seeing  a hurtful meme with him as the subject.

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Things We Saw Today: Improv Everywhere’s Latest Prank Shows Potential Dangers of Time Travel

We've all seen enough sci-fi to know that time travel, while seemingly cool, is also really dangerous! What happens if you screw something up and change the past or irrevocably affect the future? Or, what happens if you meet your past or future self? The awesome performance group Improv Everywhere did the above performance on a NYC subway car to show what could happen. And by the way...these are totally not twins.

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Study Finds Wage Gap Could Be a Possible Factor for the Development of Depression and Anxiety in Women

The study hypothesizes that the development of depression and anxiety in women may be tied into the fact that we often tie a person's value to how much money they make.

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Interview: I Smile Back’s Writer & Director Amy Koppelman and Adam Salky

Since its Sundance premiere earlier this year, Sarah Silverman’s performance in the brutal drama I Smile Back has been highly praised as a revelation for the usually comic actress. Although she’s done drama before, she's in every scene of this bleak look at a wife and mother struggling with chronic depression. Silverman stars as Laney, alongside Josh Charles and Thomas Sadoski, in this film based on Amy Koppelman’s book of the same name.

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BoJack Horseman: How I Ended Up Relating to a Cartoon Horse

There's something about BoJack Horseman that gets under your skin.

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Wil Wheaton Shares Experience With Anxiety and Depression for Project UROK

You are not alone. You are OK.

Project UROK is a mental health non-profit for young people in the vein of the "It Gets Better" campaign in that they have invited people, both well-known and not, to share their experiences with mental illness on video. In the above video, geek icon Wil Wheaton shares his struggles with anxiety and depression in an attempt to let young people going through the same thing know that they're not alone, and that they are OK.

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Coping With Anxiety and Depression Through Fiction

or, “How Rocket Raccoon Fixed My Mental Illness” (haha, not really.)

Everyone experiences anxiety and depression differently.

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