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Things We Saw Today: The Internet’s Best Reactions To a Broken Internet

The Hollywood Reporter rounded up some of the best social media reactions to the Internet outage, but one of my favorites is from the writers of Supergirl. Thanks, Winn!

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A DDoS Attack Is Ruining the Internet for Parts of the U.S. and Europe

Don't panic.

Having trouble using Twitter or watching Netflix? You're not alone. Large portions of Internet users in the U.S. and in Europe are struggling to access several popular websites and services due to a massive DDoS attack.

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New DDoS Threat Faces PlayStation Network and Xbox Live This Christmas

Meanwhile, Wii U can't even get attention from "hackers."

Last year, both Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live were taken down on Christmas by a DDoS Attack—that is, a coordinated barrage of falsified incoming traffic on their servers. On a day when so many people will be opening brand new systems and trying to get online, that's a huge problem, and now another group has threatened to make this year an equally blue Christmas.

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[UPDATED] NY Mag Hit With DDOS Attack After Publishing Cosby Cover Story

New York Magazine has been hit with a DDoS attack that has downed their site shortly after they published a massive story about Billy Cosby's numerous accusers; ironically, the hacker behind the attack alleges that he attacked the site for unrelated reasons. The perpetrator, who goes by "ThreatKing," intended to target "stupid people at [sic] New York."

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Feminist Site Femsplain Taken Down by DDoS Attack on International Women’s Day of All Days

Really? *Sigh.*

Because we apparently can't have nice things without someone else getting all upset about it, Femsplain, a Kickstarter-backed feminist website founded by Amber Gordon, was taken offline for hours by a DDoS attack—on International Women's Day.

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A Denial of Service Attack Might Be a Weapon [Video]

Is a denial of service attack, or distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), a weapon? That's the question Mike Rugnetta and PBS Idea Channel set out to discuss this week. Sure, the rhetoric is filled with fighting terminology -- attack, for example -- but that doesn't necessarily make a DoS attack a weapon. In a lot of ways, the argument hinges around intent of such an attack, and how it denies certain actions. Don't take my word for it, though.

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There’s a Huge Cyber Attack Slowing Down the Internet Because of Spam

Noticing a bit of a lag online today? If you are, you might be able to thank an ongoing battle between anti-spam organization Spamhaus and alleged spammer safe-haven Cyberbunker. Spamhaus is currently under fire from a massive DDoS attack believed to be coming from Cyberbunker. How massive is the attack? 300 gigabits per second massive. That's huge, and it's slowing down other parts of the Internet, important parts -- like Netflix.

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Anonymous Posts Petition for White House to Declare DDoS Attacks Protests, Not Crimes

Yesterday we covered the White House's response to the petition asking them to build a working Death Star. Sometimes though, people try to use the government's We the People petition program to try to accomplish things that might be possible. Anonymous has posted a petition to the site asking that the US Government officially declare Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to be a form of protest, and not a crime. This stands about as much of a chance as the government building a Death Star, and the response probably won't be nearly as funny.

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Demonoid Busted By Local Authorities Following Massive DDoS Attack

Last week, we reported that popular private torrent site Demonoid was hit by a massive DDoS attack and was subsequently out of commission for over a week. The length of the outage, and the fact that the address stopped pointing anywhere rather than displaying some kind of outage message, caused speculation that the venerable site may be down for good. Unfortunately, Demonoid's demise may not be speculation any longer, as word broke that Ukrainian authorities shut down the site.

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Torrent Site Demonoid Still Down After Massive DDoS Attack One Week Ago, Down For Good?

As some of you are aware, The Pirate Bay and EZTV aren't the only torrent sites in town. An extremely popular alternative to those two is Demonoid. The site doesn't get nearly as much press as other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, but that's partly because Demonoid is a closed, private community that usually requires current members to create and send invites to potential new users. Unlike The Pirate Bay, Demonoid also loosely institutes a seeding policy where users are expected to keep a 1:1 seed-to-leech data ratio if they want to keep their account. Around one week ago, Demonoid was hit by a massive DDoS attack that was so large that the site is still down one week later, and the future of the site is looking a bit grim.

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North Korean Malware Hidden in Video Games Used to Launch DDOS Attacks

A report from earlier this week claims that intelligence agents in North Korea managed to export malware-laden video games into South Korea for the express purpose of launching distributed denial of service attacks. If true, this is a remarkable scam, one that will probably make Korean gamers think twice about their purchases.

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The Pirate Bay Down For Many, Reportedly Under DDoS Attack From Unknown Source

The Pirate Bay has been widely unavailable for many users over the past 24 hours, and reports suggest it may be due to a DDoS attack from an unknown source. Pirate Bay downtime is not unheard of, but the length of this outage has been particularly long and its proximity to the recent blockage of the site in the U.K. and the site's open criticism of an Anonymous attack on Virgin mobile is suspicious, or if nothing else, at least a crazy coincidence. On its Facebook page, Pirate Bay alleges the source of the outage is in fact to due to a DDoS attack and if true, the consequences could be troubling.

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Anonymous Claims to Have Taken Down the CIA’s Website

So the CIA's website is definitely down right now, and Anonymous is claiming responsibility. Given their previous track record, it's pretty safe to assume that this is exactly what it looks like. During they're last little frenzy after the MegaUpload takedown, Anonymous claimed to have taken down a slew of other high profile targets including the DOJ, MPAA, RIAA, and FBI websites, an attack on the CIA homepage would round out that list nicely. Granted, it's just a DDOS attack, not a more serious breach of security like a leaked phone call or anything, but it's still got to sting a bit if you're the CIA.

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Anonymous Has a New Weapon In Its Arsenal, Plans to Use It Tomorrow

Word on the street is that Anonymous has been testing out a new weapon that they intend on using tomorrow as a cyber component to a physical protest on Wall Street. The new weapon, called #RefRef, is intended to replace their current weapon, the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC). Though designed to take down websites, #RefRef  is not merely an iteration on the LOIC but functions in an entirely new way.

Anonymous' distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks generally employ botnets to flood the target servers with requests. While the past iterations on the LOIC have increased the number of requests in the flood, #RefRef executes a DDoS from the inside out. Instead of orchestrating an army of zombies to request the target server, #RefRef initiates a flood of processes on the target server itself. #Refref has reportedly been tested on a number of sites including Pastebin (see picture) and Wikileaks. According to Anonymous, #RefRef is to be released tomorrow in concert with physical protesters during #OccupyWallSt.

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4chan Down Due to DDoS Attack

Notorious website of notoriety is currently down; even if you manage to get on the site's frontpage, which as of posting could take well over a minute, the boards and images are all offline. According to site administrator Christopher "moot" Poole, the site is down "due to DDoS. We now join the ranks of MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, et al.—an exclusive club!" As of posting, confirms that the site is down. Yesterday, Internet vigilante group Anonymous, which has loose ties with some 4chan forumers, launched a DDoS attack against Bank of America's website, an act of retaliation which they said came in response to Bank of America's refusal to process payments or donations to WikiLeaks. Placing bets on which group could be behind this. Banks that cut off WikiLeaks' funding and were hit with DDoSes this past month retaliating? Tumblr kids who still take the 4chan/Tumblr war seriously? 4chan? (4chan status via Slashdot.)

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