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Exclusive: Learn to Make Superheroine Wrist Cuffs, from Quirk Books’ Crafting with Feminism!

Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy

The Mary Sue is pleased to present an excerpt from Bonnie Burton's Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy, out this October from Quirk Books! Learn how to make a rad pair of wrist cuffs below, and then read on for more information about Bonnie and what to expect from her upcoming book!

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Cosplay Crafting: Make Your Very Own DC Bombshells Batwoman Hat For Just $10!

You'll knock this DIY out of the park!

When Ant Lucia's Bombshells designs were first revealed, I vowed to bring the line of retro redesigns to life! It's been a year in the making, but I finally whipped out my arsenal of crafts to create Batwoman's Gotham Knights uniform point of fashion: her hat!

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Things We Saw Today: Adorably Epic Star Wars Yarns

Let the felt flow through you.

Like tiny felt Greedo and Han? Then you'll probably be all about Jack and Holman Wang's new book, Star Wars Epic Yarns.

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Company Proposes to Bring Custom Dress Forms to the Stitchy Masses With 3D Scanning Tech

And a bit of elbow grease.

Calling all seamstresses, hobbyists, LARPers, and cosplayers! DittoForms wants to offer dress forms patterned precisely on their users bodies, for roughly the same price of a basic pro dress form.

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7 Of The Coolest Vendors At The 2015 New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con

I ventured out to New Orleans’ largest geek convention, the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con, last weekend and though the majority of the vendors there were selling t-shirts, figures, posters, and comic art (as is the way with ever large convention), I came across a few small, quirky businesses and independent artists that are certainly worth a mention.

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Here Are the 2014 Star Wars Snowflake Patterns You’re Looking For!

Sorry about the mess.

Want to craftily decorate your home for the Hothidays, but don't know where to begin? Anthony Herrera has you covered!

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Things We Saw Today: Make Your Own Klingon Bat’leth Scarf

Hab SoSlI' Quch!

Nicole C Mendez is selling the yarn and pattern for this Bat'leth scarf on her Etsy shop. Great. Now I just need to learn how to knit things that aren't misshapen rectangles. (via Fashionably Geek)

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This Super Mario Aquarium Is A Level Up From The Rest

Remember: fish only have 1 life.

If your local pet shop doesn't offer aquarium accessories to match your passion for gaming, Kelsey gets it—and she's designed a LEGO way of putting all other fish tanks to shame.

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Nerdy Knittings: All Your Favorite Nerdy/Horror Characters Made Out of Yarn

I need to learn to knit now...

Oxford-based Hannah Simpson sells knitted dolls based on her favorite nerdy and horror movies!

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Things We Saw Today: Fight Crime In Style With This Batman Hair Bow


You can wear this leather Batman bow by Etsy seller Dulcecalaveritas either as a hair bow or a necktie. Or both. Just place bats all about your person.

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Put “Learn to Knit” on Your To-Do List so You Can Make This Wonder Woman Sweater for Your Very Own Self

What the hell do I do with these sticks?!

Or you can make it for someone else who might appreciate... nah. Make it for yourself.

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How to Make A How to Train Your Dragon Bangle!

A how to make a how to train your how to.

In honor of Dreamworks’ highly anticipated How to Train Your Dragon sequel (coming out today!), we're bringing you easy, geek style DIY inspired by the dragons from the beloved film.

Personally, I love to wear my fandom heart on my sleeve, but sometimes I want to show my geek pride in a subtler form.  Not that shiny sequins are subtle, but I’m sure you get the idea.

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You, Yes You, Can Crochet Your Own Tiny Wolverine

Do Try This At Home

To celebrate the release of the latest X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, here’s a fun themed project you can put together in a day. Much like every X-Men movie, I’ve decided to focus on Wolverine. With each film, the big screen has served as a catalyst to build up his character, so in kind, we will be building up our very own crocheted Wolverine. Even though I enjoy Hugh Jackman’s performance, I like Wolverine the most when he’s covered in yellow spandex. So my crocheted version is inspired by his comic costume. I’ve turned this tough, wiseass into an adorable amigurumi, and with this tutorial, you can too.

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Every Day Deserves a Magical Harry Potter-Themed Wedding

This is just like magic!

Lucky break: finding a catering service that's totally excited to wear SPEW badges.

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Things We Saw Today: A Medieval Harley Quinn

Things We Saw Today

Yea, verily, yea! Let us slay the Man of Bats! By artist Claire Hummel. (via Super Punch)

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Protect Your Pockets With These Pint-Size Pop Culture Amigurumi


I have a soft spot for any object that allows me to use the word "stubby." These cute crocheted buddies are the handiwork of Louis Mensinger, and can be purchased at his Etsy shop, Louie's Loops (keychains are an option). If you'd prefer something a tad more practical, he makes themed iPhone covers, too. Click through to see more! (via So Geek Chic)

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The Beautiful Leather Dragon Masks of Static Creature

Here Be Dragons

Sarah M. is the artist behind the Facebook page Static Creature, where she shows off the hours of hard work she puts into some amazingly elaborate dragon masks. The majority of them are crafted from real leather, with overlapping plates etched with smaller scales and resin horns, some of which have been cast from real animals.

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Handmade Pop Culture Plushies For All Your Snuggly Needs


On our travels around the internet today, we encountered an Etsy shop called HandmadeStuffs. Its contents are pretty darn cute, and properly hug-sized, too (18 inches tall, we're told). Crafter Jennifer Bennett sews these little guys, and if you ask nicely (with money), she'll make one for you, too. Click through for a selection of her repertoire.

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Things We Saw Today: A Unicorn Rainbow Fart Cake

Things We Saw Today

Sideserf Cake Studio created this culinary delight. I'm so glad that unicorn farts are a thing. (That's Nerdalicious)

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Impressive Paper Pokémon For People To Peer At and Ponder

Quilling is a craft where images are created out of strips of paper. Quilling is also magic. Seriously, look at that Beedril and tell me deviantARTist wholedwarf isn't channelling some sort of supernatural power.

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