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‘Wednesday’ is Inspiring the Internet to Get Crafty

Netflix and knit.

Emma Myers and Jenna Ortega in Wednesday (2022)

You know a movie or show struck a chord with fans if a lot of fan art pops up around the internet. Earlier this year we saw an outpouring of love for Our Flag Means Death when almost everyone who watched the show felt compelled to make art inspired by it. Good media inspires the people who watch it.

Creating fan art is not limited to drawings. You can honor your favorite show by writing fanfiction or making playlists of your favorite characters. An ever-growing movement online is to literally make clothes like the ones you see in your favorite show. The latest show to overtake all the crafting, crochet, and knitting groups (especially the gothic/alternative ones I frequent) on the internet is Netflix’s Wednesday.

If looks could kill

Although the show only premiered on Netflix a little over a week ago, everyone is already obsessed. The series focuses on Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) going on her own adventure at a boarding school away from her family. Every member of the Addams family has a unique look, but something about Wednesday is especially endearing. Seriously, who doesn’t love her? Wednesday not only explores the goth fashion icon but brings in new characters with their own special style. So many of the costumes are unique pieces.

The most popular searches are for crochet and knitting patterns to replicate the knit items on the show. Wednesday’s black and white vest and her matching crocheted cuff and collar are highly in demand. Everyone is trying to find the right pattern to re-create the complimentary snoods (or cowls) that Enid made for her and Wednesday (of course Endi’s is shades of pink while Wednesday’s is black). Basically, if there is anything on the show that looks like it was made from yarn, folks are scouring the internet for patterns or tips to make their own.


Replying to @bbybvnnycrochet i do not know how to properly write patterns or make tutorials so this is the best i could do #crochet #crochettok #crochetpattern #wednesday #wednesdayaddams #addamsfamily

♬ Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps

When I started watching Wednesday, the visuals almost gave me a sense of coming home. Growing up watching Tim Burton’s movies and adoring the Addams Family created a certain aesthetic preference. Now we get to see what Wednesday (and the rest of the family) look like through the eyes of director Tim Burton. It only makes sense to want clothes like those that the characters wear—they are all so perfect. Next time you are ready to pick up your crochet hook, instead of putting on yet another true crime documentary put on Wednesday to feel inspired while you craft.

(featured image: Netflix)

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