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The Republican Tax Bill Is An Unconscionable Windfall for the Wealthy, Paid for With Everyone Else’s Health, Education, and Security

The U.S. Senate just passed a shockingly irresponsible overhaul of the tax code, called the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." It will increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion in order to benefit the wealthy.

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Watch This Awesome High School Student Try to Teach Her Congressman What His Damn Job Is

Make the Road is a New York organization dedicated to issues affecting the lives and rights of Latinx and working class communities of color. High school sophomore Gisele Mendez, who is a Make the Road youth member, showed up to a town hall with her congressman Dan Donovan, to talk about one of those major issues: DACA and the Dream Act.

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Paul Ryan Says He’s Open to “Modernizing” That Sexist Congressional Dress Code

Paul Ryan has been seeing a lot of criticism over the women ejected from the House lobby over their sleeveless dresses.

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Congressman Formally Introduces Articles of Impeachment for Trump, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Democratic California Congressman Brad Sherman was the first to draft articles of impeachment for the President, and today he presented the formal resolution, H. 438, on the House floor. Sherman's articles accuse Trump of obstructing justice. We still are on a long and winding road in Trumptown, however.

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Things We Saw Today: Elisabeth Moss Will Star as Typhoid Mary, Please (Don’t) Hold Me

Everyone's favorite Mad Woman and Handmaiden will be taking on the role of one of history's most mysterious (and infectious) figures for the BBC.

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Things We Saw Today: You Can Stop Wondering Now, This Is What the Cast of Daria Is Up to Today

Co-creator and character designer Susie Lewis is giving an update on what those beloved characters are up today.

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Congress Jumps the Shark: Senator Asks Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch About Fighting Duck-Sized Horses, Horse-Sized Duck

Or is it "nukes the fridge" now?

As has been the case in politics in the United States since Donald Trump began his run, it's been a weird week for politics. One moment from yesterday's confirmation hearing (still ongoing today) for Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch stuck out, though: A Senator actually asked him whether he'd choose to fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck.

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Doesn’t Have Time for Subtlety When It Comes to Talking About Trump

"I wouldn't waste my time."

"I don't honor him. I don't respect him, and I don't want to be involved with him."

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Weather Channel Meteorologist Schools House Science Committee on Cherry-Picked Climate Data

Last week, the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted out an anti-climate science propaganda article as a slam against "alarmists." Unfortunately, there's plenty of reason to be alarmed, as the Weather Channel has laid out effectively, after one of their segments was disingenuously used to bolster the article's claims.

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John Oliver and Lin-Manuel Miranda Plead for Puerto Rico on Last Week Tonight

In case you hadn't heard, Puerto Rico, which is a commonwealth of the United States — and not as many seem to think of it and treat it, a foreign country — is in a debt crisis. As May approaches and the debts to certain creditors are coming due, Puerto Rico's 3.5 Million people may not be able to survive much longer. John Oliver, and special guest Lin-Manuel Miranda, made an impassioned plea to Congress on behalf of the island on this week's Last Week Tonight.

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Congress May Soon Relax Drone Regulations a Bit, but Not Enough for Big Progress

There's a bill working its way through congress that would relax regulations on commercial drone use, but it's less exciting/upsetting than it sounds, depending on your personal feelings about drones.

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Congress Wants to Give NASA the Best Christmas Gift: Cold Hard Cash—Even More Than Last Year

Not only is congress giving NASA more money than president Obama even asked for, but they're increasing NASA's budget from 2015 by $1.27 billion. What alternate universe is this? Also, where are your hoverboards sold? I assume they actually exist in this wonderful utopia.

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Here’s Congress’s Net Neutrality Bill That Would Render the FCC Helpless

For now, it's just a bill sitting there on Capitol Hill.

Congress has produced a bill that, if enacted, would take away the FCC's authority to reclassify broadband Internet as a utility in the interest of net neutrality. However, the bill itself includes protections for net neutrality with specific language that would ban the paid "Internet fast lanes" currently at the center of the debate.

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Congress Asks NASA If the International Space Station Is in Trouble Over U.S.-Russian Relations

"You kids behave yourselves, or I will turn this space station right around and go home." —Russia

Hey, we're not the only ones concerned that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has been slinging insults and making threats that Russia will just leave everyone else with a crippled ISS in 2020! Congress must have heard what was going on, because they asked NASA if it's more than just a threat.

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Teacher-Turned-Congressman Grades GOP Letter to House Speaker, Posts It to Tumblr for Your Enjoyment

There are politicians who use Tumblr? This is worse than when the celebrities find our fanfic.

As much as high school sucked for basically everyone, there are some things about the state of the real adult world that could probably be improved by a little more of the discipline that only an overworked teacher can provide. Former high school teacher Representative Mark Takano (D-CA) decided that maybe the Republican-drafted letter about immigration that was circulating around the floor of the House might benefit from some edits and creative criticism, so he graded it and posted the results to his Tumblr. Unsurprisingly, Takano feels the work needs some serious revisions.

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Department of Defense, Congressional Staff Forbidden From Reading Publicly Available PRISM Documents

This seems like a ridiculous thing to do, but okay, sure, these documents don't exist.

Thanks to Edward Snowden's leaked documents, everyone in the world can learn a lot about what the NSA was up to with the PRISM data mining program. Except the people who should have been overseeing it in the first place, as it turns out. Both Congressional staffers and Department of Defense employees have been instructed to not look at the documents and basically pretend they were never leaked in the first place.

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The Entertainment Industry Wants Congress to Let Them Give You Malware

Pirating content is bad, mmkay? That doesn't make it okay for the content creators to install malware on your computer.

The entertainment industry would like you to stop pirating things. They've tried digital rights management, prosecuting file sharers, and even making films like The Last Airbender that were so bad nobody would want to pirate them. Nothing's worked. You jerks keep stealing content, so now the industry is asking Congress to let them install malware on your computer to get you to knock it off.

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Good News, Everyone! The House Passed CISPA!

They say every cloud has a silver lining. If that's true, then there has to be something good about the fact that 288 members of Congress just voted to pass CISPA, right? The bill essentially strips citizens of any right to online privacy, which is obviously terrible, but there has to be something positive about this.

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Congress Might Have Doomed Us All to an Asteroid Apocalypse. Thanks, Guys.

It Came From Outer Space

The last few months have seen several asteroids unexpectedly buzz our planet, a fact that has caused a bit of concern for Congress. After all, while the chances of a catastrophic asteroid impact are tiny, if one does manage to hit us the effect could be pretty bad. Like, end of humanity bad. So it makes sense that Congress would want someone monitoring near-Earth asteroids just in case one should come barreling towards us. Hmmm. Who does Congress have to turn to when they need someone to watch the skies? NASA. Whose budget has Congress drastically cut in recent years? NASA. You see where this is going.

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Mr. Rage Face Goes to Washington: Congresswoman Intends to Source Ideas From Reddit

In a move that will either prove to be brilliant or disastrous, House Representative Zoe Lofgren of California intends to use Reddit to take suggestions on legislation dealing with websites accused of copyright infringement. We think Reddit would be a great way for citizens to interact with their representatives, but the obvious potential for trolling is also worth considering. Internet, please behave.

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