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New York Joins Los Angeles in Legal Action Against Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company

Last week, we were gleefully able to report that both the Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills Police Departments had submitted cases to the Los Angeles District Attorney against Harvey Weinstein for multiple charges of sexual assault. Now, New York is getting into the act. Only this time, it's not just Weinstein that they're after, but The Weinstein Company.

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How Yesterday’s Enemies Become Today’s Heroes: Martin Luther King Jr.

If Martin Luther King Jr., who advocated for Civil Rights, job security and liberty in a non-violent way could be spied on by the FBI on orders of a "friendly" president, arrested, beaten, and assassinated all while doing what history has all confirmed to be protesting "the right way" then clearly the problem our government has with black people advocating for their civil rights loudly is black people advocating for their civil rights loudly.

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This Bridge Called My Back: The Legacy of Recy Taylor

Say Her Name

Oprah used her opportunity last night to pay tribute to those who have come before her in entertainment milestones, like Sidney Poiter the first black man to win an Oscar. However, she also brought up a name many people might not have heard of before, Recy Taylor.

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Turkish City Places Indefinite Ban on Public LGBTQ Events

The capital city of Ankara in Turkey has placed a ban on public LGBTQ events indefinitely, citing concerns about safety when it is really about the preservation of conservative "moral values."

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Things We Saw Today: Uh Oh, Some Bad News About Santa Claus

I've got some good news/bad news about Santa Claus. The good news: he's real! The bad news: he's dead. Sorry, everybody.

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Did Your State Try to Crack Down on Protesters This Year? They’re Likely to Try Again.

Both the United Nations and the nonprofit State Innovation Exchange have identified a disturbing, anti-democratic attack against protests in the U.S. state legislatures.

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The “Civil Rights Uniformity Act” Is Trying to Write Trans People Out of Civil Rights Protections

This House bill wants to forbid the federal government from protecting trans folks under existing civil rights laws like Title IX, the Fair Housing Act, and the Affordable Care Act.

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The U.S. Department of Education is Cutting Back Its Civil Rights Investigations

The Department of Education is scaling back its civil rights investigations, removing Obama-era guidelines that looked for systemic issues of discrimination. This is bad news for America's students, but the Commission on Civil Rights is on the case.

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Court Rules Civil Rights Act of 1964 Also Protects Employees From Sexual Orientation Discrimination

You don't lose rights when someone else gets them, pal.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 offers workplace protections to employees, banning discrimination based on race, color, religion, or sex. Now, thanks to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, those protections are extended to people based on sexual orientation.

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The Future Is Disappearing: Trump Administration Deletes WhiteHouse.Gov References to Climate Change, Civil Rights, Healthcare, LGBT Issues

President-elect Donald Trump has only just stepped into office today, and already, the effects of his administration can be seen on the official White House websites. Apparently those effects are, "delete all reference to the issues that this administration intends to ignore."

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Trump’s Cabinet Nominees’ Confirmation Hearings Started off With Nonstop Protests. Here’s Why.

The confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for Attorney General, has been plagued with disruptive protests.

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